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Nov 02, 2013

DENVER –  Did a giant kraken troll the Triassic seas, crushing ichthyosaurs and arranging their bones into pleasing patterns?

It sounds like a Halloween tale, but researchers who first suggested the existence of this ancient sea monster in 2011 say they now have more evidence backing up their controversial theory. Not only have they discovered a second example of strangely arranged bones, they’ve found a fossil that appears to be the beak of an ancient squid or octopus.

“This was extremely good luck,” said Mark McMenamin, a paleontologist at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts who presented his here Wednesday at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA). “This was finding the needle in the haystack, really.” [See Images of New ‘Kraken’ Fossils & Lair]

Still, the kraken theory has not gained widespread acceptance.

“A kraken isn’t really necessary,” said David Fastovsky, a paleontologist at the University of Rhode Island who attended McMenamin’s GSA presentation and penned a response to the evidence for the Paleontological Society. “Everything can be explained by much less exotic means.”

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