King Og and the Moonchild, Santa is Odin w/ Gary Wayne >>


AIRED: 12-23-2017

This was two hours of amazing radio that alternative media lovers will never forget!! Ra and tonight’s very special guest Gary Wayne both are very well versed in Occult and Bible knowledge making each and every conversation rich with possibilities and information that can lead you down many rabbit holes. Tonight’s show did not disappoint !!! Ra and Gary continue with Part 2 of Decoding the Nephillim and Rephaim tribes. Dissecting the Lost Book of King Og Gary shows the parallels with Bible scripture. They discuss King Og and Queen Lestha and there desire to bring in the Moonchild using the sorcery of Baal !! Other topics include Nimrod and the tower of Babel, the worship of Baal and Mott, the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Knowledge/life , and since its Christmas Ra brings up Santa and how he basically is Odin Lord of the Underworld….This is one for Nerds and Occult lovers everywhere !!!!Spiral out!!!!


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