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Jul 30, 2014

The 16-year-old fought two bouts of cancer and had his teeth removed because radiation and chemo destroyed them. His insurer won’t pay for dentures because they’re not a ‘medical expense.’ But an online campaign helped raise nearly $15,000 for the teen to buy new teeth.


A brave 16-year-old cancer survivor with no teeth is hoping the kindness of strangers will help win his fight to get new dentures.

It worked: In just 22 hours, complete strangers raised almost $15,000 for the cancer-beating teen.

Alex Hunter was first diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when he was just 4 years old.

The boy from Delano, Calif., had a rare cancer that started with a mass growing in his cheek. He endured radiation and chemotherapy, and beat the disease, only to be diganosed with another rare cancer in 2011.

This time it involved his thyroid gland.

He came through chemo and radiation again, but his teeth were wrecked by aggressive treatment and needed to be pulled, he told KERO-TV.

But his insurer won’t pay for dentures, his family says.

“They said it wasn’t a medical issue, and of course it’s from a medical issue,” said grandmother Roberta Hunter.

The family says new teeth would cost about $11,000. They are applying for help from various foundations.

They have also started a gofundmeInternet site, which had raised nearly $15,000 by late Tuesday evening.