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Aug 18, 2014

YOU hear about random acts of kindness all the time, but rarely do you witness one so striking.

Earlier this month, the Newcastle Herald received a note of gratitude from Lambton residents Tessa and Todd Hamilton.

It read: ‘‘My husband and I would like to send out a huge thank-you to the lovely gentleman who paid for our fuel at the BP on Parry Street, Saturday the 2nd of August at around 9.30pm. We are blown away! We can’t say thank you enough! Our faith in humanity restored. The Hamiltons.’’

On first reading you’d think the Hamiltons had found themselves short of cash at the servo and a Good Samaritan had stepped in.

But this was not the case.

‘‘It’s so crazy we keep talking about it,’’ Tessa explained.

‘‘We been out to Bocados in town with Todd  and his mum and dad who were in town visiting  from the Riverina.

‘‘We were dressed well, and on the way home we needed fuel so we called into the BP on Parry Street near the TAFE to fill up.

‘‘When Todd went to pay, the person behind the counter said it had already been taken care of.’’

Todd didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary as he  went to pay for pump number eight.

‘‘The attendant said number eight had been paid for,’’ Todd said.

‘‘I looked to see if I had the wrong pump and told her I hadn’t paid, but she said the gentleman ‘walking towards that four-wheel-drive   paid for your petrol’.’’

Todd went outside and asked the stranger what the deal was.

‘‘He said, ‘Nothing, just have a good night’,’’ Todd said.

‘‘I kept saying I don’t get it, and he kept saying, ‘no, just have a good night’.

‘‘I shook his hand, said thanks plenty of times and basically the bloke jumped in his car and drove off.’’

Todd reckons he was a young bloke, probably in his late 20s or  early 30s, and drove what he thinks was an older model HiLux.

‘‘He just looked like a normal bloke,’’ Todd said.

‘‘When I jumped in the car, Tess asked who it was.

‘‘I said I had no clue, but he paid for our fuel.

‘‘Tess and my parents couldn’t comprehend it.’’

Todd and Tessa are relatively new to the area, having moved here four years ago for work.

Todd works at Hunter Valley Compressors and Tessa is  a graphic designer at Solar Australia.

They’d got married in April this year, so, yes, things had been going well, but really this was taking Hunter hospitality to a new level.

Tess was amazed by the incident.

‘‘I’ve been telling everyone at work,’’ she said.

‘‘My friends have been amazed too.

‘‘One lady said it touched her heart  that this sort of thing happens,’’  she said.