Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 10, 2014

(Before It’s News)

With people across the country now aware that police officers in America KILL MORE INNOCENT AMERICANS than ‘terrorists’ ever did on 9/11, another American life has been taken in this breaking story that has left residents of Ferguson, Missouri calling for the deaths of police.

An unarmed teen who had his hands up in the air has been shot 7 times and killed by police in this story enraging America as shared in the videos below, leaving residents shouting “kill the police”.

With this story having gone viral across the country and the world now, the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department has taken on a ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards the public and the press; you can reach them at (314) 522-3100 to voice your own opinions. What’s the answer? Is it time to DISARM the cops? Will disarming them finally end their ‘reign of terror’ upon innocent Americans?

Though some might think, this story is not against police in general; one of my best friends is a detective in Prince Georges County, Maryland; my martial arts instructor is a former police officer. There are MANY very good men and women who work as police officers…yet, the most have forgotten their role is to PROTECT AND SERVE their communities, not terrorize them as the ‘police state’ mentality instructs these otherwise good men and women to do. We need them to WAKE UP now.