AIRED: 09-02-2017

Great guests, Scott Bennett & Michael Jay Anderson deliver an Epic Smack Down of the Deep State Psy OP against the American people! It’s bigger than a culture war. The Democrats’ summer of resistance to the changes demanded by voters last November has awakened the American Giant, which as a collective body was not happy with Congress to begin with. President Trump is like a man under water with a bamboo breathing tube, locked in battle with the Swamp rats, says Michael Jay. Trump’s kicking and fighting for all of us, battling a demon bureaucracy that only cares for its financial survival, not for any of the damage to the country, which they are thoughtlessly wrecking. We talk about the August recess, and how we think voters back home expressed deep unhappiness with Washington gridlock and the constant sabotage of Trump’s agenda for change. But the $20 TRILLION federal debt, which doubled during the Obama Administration, is a point of intervention that’s going to force the issue. China’s being urged to buy $1 TRILLION of U.S debt this year alone. The world is required to feed the American beast to pay for vicious, wasteful foreign wars. The current state of the State cannot continue. We think Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein see the writing on the Wall. Americans are not happy, and Trump’s not the target of our wrath!

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