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May 12, 2013

 Looks like the elitists have found a new playground: the secluded Kiawah Island off the South Carolina coastline.

22217297_BG2by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

A new phase of a massive eugenics operation could be underway. Bill Gates and his wife have convened a secretive meeting on Kiawah Island to discuss the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As local news outlet CBS-WBTW reports,

Suspicion was raised when nearly 20 very expensive jets were seen lined up at the Charleston International Airport on Johns Island.

Officials with the Beach Company confirmed to WCBD that other big names such as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, TV host Oprah Winfrey and Billionaire Warren Buffet flew into the Charleston Executive airport on Johns Island Wednesday night.

Other prominent people said to also be staying there this weekend are  Jeb Bush and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The famous guests were attending a two day long conference led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Officials say the meeting was about the foundation Gates and his wife Linda run.

The fact that Bloomberg is there points more to a discussion about how to run rough-shod over the people who don’t want to take the vaccines or who resist the coming “nanny state” when it comes to “encouraging healthy communities” (aka, total control, with cams, drones, and militarized police enforcing “green laws” and “fat taxes”).

However, the fact that Oprah has been asked to attend kind of surprises me. Her influence on society has waned somewhat since she went solo with her career. However, she could have made a deal to be highly-publicized and resurrected as a national guru by the mainstream media in return for her cooperation in the coming operations.

The plans that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has for not just this country, but the entire world, carry many different sociological implications: The way we think about the healthcare system, our own bodies and our own reactions to them, the way we think about family planning, how many children to have, how to raise them, etc. are all going to be influenced by this meeting. We can’t underestimate the importance of this particular meeting enough. The last time the elitists met like this, they created the Eugenics Record Office, which eventually led to the forced sterilization of thousands of people. What’s happening this time?


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Sheree Geo is a researcher, freelance writer, journalist, and singer from East Texas. After several years of watching eugenics and mind control in action, she began to fight the system by giving people the knowledge of these activities. She then met her husband, Chris Geo, in 2009 and has since been the co-host of their show, Truth Frequency, which airs on GCN every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, as well as on their network, K-TFRN.