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Nov 05, 2013

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Lou Reed’s album sales may have risen 607% in the US last week, one of many tributes to New York’s rock’n’roll poet of the streets, but that did little to dispel the black mood that has descended on the music business.

The U.S. music industry, the world’s largest market, has experienced a drop in album sales from 800 million in 2002 to 316 million a decade later. But industry analysts say that long-term trend doesn’t account for a sudden drop-off. It seems that the 10-song, artist-statement format that originated with the advent of the 33⅓ long player in the late 1940s could itself be nearing the end of the line.

Last week U.S. album sales, as measured since 1991 by Nielsen Soundscan, fell to a new low of 4.49 million at the time of year when the industry typically rolls out its big acts before the holiday sales boom. Katy Perry’s No 1 album Prism sold less than 300,000 copies, but that was still more than the next eight titles combined – among them Pearl Jam and Drake.

Despite energetic twerking and taunting Sinéad O’Connor on Twitter, Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz – No 1 two weeks ago – fell to fourth place with 43,000.

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