Sep 08, 2013

When a scared young doe got one of her legs stuck on a bridge on Sunday, police officers in Kansas City, Missouri helped guide her to safety.

Officer Jason Rains spotted her wandering into traffic on the 87th Street bridge in the middle of a thunderstorm, and the dashcam video (below) shows the poor deer smashing repeatedly into a concrete barrier on the bridge, which sits about 100 feet over the Blue River.

Before officers approached, the doe laid down in the middle of the road, with lightning flashing in the background.

“She was just lying there, shaking,” Rains said in a statement. “Her leg was caught in one of those drainage holes on the bridge. It was her entire leg, all the way up to her body.”

With the help of his partner, Sgt. Steven Sandusky, they gently freed the doe’s leg, then Sandusky guided her away to safety in a wooded area nearby.

“She went and lay down back there,” Rains said. “I came back an hour later, and she was gone.”