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AIRED: 07-07-2018

Groundbreaking revelations, and information delivered during tonight’s transmission!!! Ra goes deep into Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism. The
Leviathan A Quantum succah or canopy , the feast of Leviathan, Masiach Ben Joseph, the end of days formula is being downloaded by these workings!!!!The lineage of Lilith continued, The reanimation of the Rephaim, the children of Lilith, the Fae, the albigens, the Zohar….so much is discussed tonight!!!Than in the last segment Ra brings Paris Tosen into the discussion to chat about certain tools we can use to help us battle these forces……..

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Don’t miss this show of mind blowing information that may blow a fuse in your circuitry. Spots of Sacred Energy on our Planet, the veins of enery across our Planet have been called ley Lines, dragon lines, dragons breath, energy streams, rainbow serpent,etc……….Have some of these sites been hijacked and used to broadcast a dark...

AIRED: 08-17-2019

join Ra Castaldo as he dives deep into the Shamanic universe of spiritual technology, both good and evil spiraling inside this breathe machine. Discussing the body as being a bio-energetic system, also discussed St Bernadine of Siena, St Rose of Viterbo and More ...

AIRED: 08-10-2019

Ra Castaldo drops a whole new show of mindblowing information for you to sit back and enjoy, Can our body or even souls be cloned????? Is there a place on our body that holds this information?? Also discussed is St. Charbel the Living Dead Saint, The apparition of Dante and Spirits of graveyards or churchyards...

AIRED: 08-03-2019

has our Divine Source sent Avatars to this realm to help humanity balance duality? Don’t miss this amazing discussion about certain people throughout time who many have claimed were Avatars ! Aradia di Touscano (Aradia of Tuscany) was she sent in the 1300’s to be an avatar for humanity? Appearing in a Cave in Tuscany...

AIRED: 07-27-2019

dont miss this amzing show in the first hour Ra talks about the spiritual war that upon us and the Valley of Josephat……Will the dead rise again? Will the Saints appear once again??? Than in the second our guest Maria Wheatley joins the conversation to talk about the spiritual technology of the many sacred sites...

AIRED: 07-13-2019

Join Ra for another groundbreaking episode as he reveals his recent visions. The fall of man, has another layer to our soul coats been added?? a replication of spiritual residue?? dont miss this one folks!!!! ...

AIRED: 07-06-2019