Sep 19, 2013

navy-yard-shooting-washington-dc-capitol-police-UN-military-U.S.-shooter-dead-12-building-197-ships-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-information-aaron-alexis-psych-meds-mind-control-video-games-Capitol-Police-Containment-Emergency-Response-TeamThe “smoking gun” has been formally publicized by USA Today: An elite tactical unit called the “Capitol Police Containment & Emergency Response Team” was recalled during the Navy Yard shooting on Monday that left 13 dead, including one of the gunmen.

The U.S. Capitol Police have launched an investigation into whether an elite tactical team was abruptly recalled from responding to Monday’s Navy Yard shooting massacre before D.C. Metropolitan Police officers confronted the shooter.

Two Metropolitan Police officers entered the Navy Yard without the Capitol Police team and one was wounded by the gunman, Aaron Alexis.

It seems the only reason why an inquiry is being demanded is because a police officer was wounded in the shooting. If this had not occurred, I’m willing to bet that this information would have never been presented. As we saw in Benghazi last year, and during the “London Beheading” debacle, help was only a few blocks away and was called off at a pivotal moment during the event, which could have saved lives had they been allowed to do their job.

The elite Capitol Police Containment & Emergency Response Team is based just a few blocks from the Navy Yard. A law enforcement source told WUSA-TV the unit was less than 30 seconds from the gate and responded as Metropolitan Police pleaded for help.

A Capitol Police watch commander “wouldn’t let them go in and stop people from being slaughtered,” one officer told the Washington TV station, which is owned by Gannett, USA TODAY’s parent company.

An officer told The Washington Post that the officers’ union had filed a complaint.

Also not being mentioned now are the fact that three shooters were seen (one is still being “sought for questioning” regarding the event and the other is being ignored completely at this point), as we reported earlier this week. Add that to the fact that the suspect, Aaron Alexis, was an avid fan of violent video games, was taking psychiatric medication at the time of the shooting, and the fact that he had previously complained that people were “sending vibrations through the walls of his hotel room” to keep him from sleeping, and we have all the earmarks of a staged event. PERIOD.