Truth Frequency Radio

Nov 07, 2015

by Luckee

How often do we Americans see a red-carpet-walker (Be it Hollywood or DC red carpets are all the same) participate in protests. The thought of taking a stand with the masses when violence is sure to follow causes many who are elected to office to wilt like spinach in a hot pan.  We Americans cheer when we see celebrities taking a stand about an injustice and we assign a hero status to any noteworthy who joins the masses. See more on Capt. Ray Lewis who recently donned an Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask.

I think I would positively swoon if I saw a Senator or Congressman in the masses protesting with Anonymous or with those in Ferguson or Baltimore. But once these s/elected ones walk the red carpet, they are above the constituents. It is different in Montenegro.

©RUETERS/Stevo Vasiljevic

©REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic

The ministers of Parliament realize they are people and are from the people. The man in the middle of the above photograph is just one of the members of Parliament that took part in the protests that turned to violence by the Prime Minister’s Police. Look at the photo.  You will notice he is in the midst of the people. You will see the expression on his face is not one of arrogance, but that he is a man who is about to be hit with a police baton at the orders of the leader of criminal regime in place for over 25 years. Most politicians in Montenegro know they are still people. You won’t see beaten politicians in America.

Well only former politicians, maybe. Like Cynthia McKinney, she is one of the few in America who has not forgotten she is human.