Truth Frequency Radio
Jun 06, 2014

(Before It’s News)

I am by no means predicting a date or saying this will happen, please understand that. What I would like to portray in the video below is what Pakalert Press has discovered in not only a Simpson Episode but also the TV hit Series, Revolution.  He predicts a possible bomb detonation on June 22nd of this year; now he is NOT saying this will happen, he is simply sharing the information he found with the public.

What makes this prediction strange is the fact that  prior episodes of Simpsons have rightly predicted events such as:  the Boston Bombing and 9/11. The question then, must be asked, could this be another ‘Simpson’ prediction or is it just coincidence? Only time will tell on that front but in the meantime I feel it is imperative to warn you in the event that it does, but if it doesn’t all the better….

Here is Operation Blackjack “slide show story” that is still on the Telegraph’s website:

Operation BlackJack…