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AIRED: 06-29-2019

JULY CALLS FORWARD THE RISE OF THE LINEAGE HOLDERS: RESOLUTION IS BEFORE EVERYONE AND EVERY-Thing! A VERY SPECIAL JULY PREDICTIONS WEEKEND EVENT! The July Retrograde EXPERIENCE IS HERE And BEFORE US ALL is a period of EXTRAORDINARY RESOLUTION! By the end of July you will KNOW where you stand! What does that mean? How can you navigate this energy with mastery and success?

The Divine Directors through Kira Raa have shared MUCH and here is portion of their sharing:

“For to navigate that chosen ‘reality’ of ANY journey, the One must ADAPT to the “sanity” of the experience to first fully understand/claim and then LIFT Through it. While trapped within what can seem at times as if almost a choking thickness of energy, the GIFT of the entrapment is the DISCOVERY of the trap! For how can you break free when you are not even aware that are trapped?”

So much to this weekend INCLUDING THE GIFT OF gathering together in divine connection and community!

website: sriandkira.com/about/events/#event-28265

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The week ahead will call forward the Courage of the unified stream of the #LineageHolder. This energy is REVEALING itself to clearly show the choices ahead which leads EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING to the next level! There comes a moment where we MUST TRUST…the circumstances or experiences around us will in all-was CONSPIRE to bring us...

AIRED: 07-13-2019

July Energy Update! As the fourth dimension begins to “seal” the third dimensional energy into a cocoon like experience, the blending of these two energies is expanding…rapidly! The collapse of the fourth dimension has now become tied to the third dimensional experience and that energy has expanded out to the about mid-point of the fourth...

AIRED: 07-06-2019

The June 16-18 FULL POWER MOMENT is HERE and All Lineage holders are peaking into a moment that is BOTH a Culmination and a BEGINNING! An extraordinary moment of exquisite balance awaits and it is all this coming week! Join Sri & Kira with their FIRST Of a new weekly series of Lineage Holder Energy...

AIRED: 06-15-2019

THIS PAST WEEK, ON JUNE 4, in harmony w/ the Gathering of the Masters webcast, this Crop Circle appeared in France near Notre Dame! The crop circle matches the Graphic presented by Sir & Kira in the webinar a few hours earlier. For Sri & Kira personally, this timely appearance is the full circle from...

AIRED: 06-08-2019

THIS MONTH the entire planet will experience a rapid and “intense” Ascension Frequency Attunement through the Rise of the Lineage Holders. This energy is calling strongly to those who are walking through the energy of greater Awareness as a catapult into the 7th dimension to assist ALL through the rest of 2019 and beyond. Join...

AIRED: 06-01-2019

As the Masters are gathering, the Lineage holders are starting to rise. This is a moment that began with the ESCALATION ENERGY of May 22…what were you doing that day? What had your attention? Now that this escalation has anchored, the MOVEMENT into the heart of June’s Ascension Frequency attunement is calling forward a final...

AIRED: 05-25-2019