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Jul 23, 2015

Patricia Doninger was quietly fired!

Patricia Doninger was quietly fired!

The video of this incident is making the rounds again from 2013. Live Leak and You Tube has posts dated today on this.  Of course when you watch the video, your blood will boil with anger. However, the victim has settled in 2014 and the judge has been fired.  But it is a good idea to keep an eye on the players in this story. It is also good for one to watch the patterns of abuse by the so-called authorities. The video in question is at the bottom of this piece.


Patricia Doninger ( ballotpedia  ) was a domestic violence commissioner and hearing master for the family court in Clark County, Nevada. She began serving as a domestic violence commissioner in late 1998 or early 1999. She was fired on June 14, 2013, following allegations of misconduct that gained national attention.[1][2][3][4] (See below.)


Doninger received her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami. She was awarded a J.D. fromSouthwestern University School of Law and was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 1984.[5][6]

Doninger allegedly ignores defendant as she is assaulted in courtroom (2013)

Doninger, along with other employees of the family court, was investigated for misconduct in an alleged cover-up of a sexual assault by a court marshal. Monica Contreras, 28, was in family court with her daughter on August 8, 2011. After coming from a drug search in another room, Contreras complained to the judge that Marshal Ron Fox had sexually assaulted her. She said that he groped her and order her to lift her shirt so he could check for drugs. The courtroom video then shows Fox and another marshal, James Kenyon, handcuffing and arresting Contreras for making false allegations. Some have condemned Doninger for not intervening in the situation, though she was in the room when the incident took place.[7]

Fox denied the allegations, but was later fired. He subsequently filed a lawsuit alleging he was wrongfully terminated from his employment. Contreras’ charge was later reduced from providing false information to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. In May 2013, she entered a plea of no contest.[7]

Lawsuit filed against those involved in courtroom incident

On April 5, 2013, Contreras filed a federal lawsuit against Fox, Kenyon and Doninger, as well as Clark County, the state of Nevada and the courts, saying that her civil rights were violated. The complaint stated: “The wrongful conduct of defendant Fox was intentional and evilly motivated, and the wrongful conduct of defendants Kenyon and Doninger involved reckless, callous and deliberate indifference to plaintiff’s federally protected rights.”[8]

Doninger fired following courtroom incident

Although details were not provided, a local television news station received confirmation from the court that Doninger was fired on June 14, 2013.[9]


Monica Contreras, the alleged victim in the 2011 groping incident, settled her lawsuits with the state for $200,000 in July 2014.[10]