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Jun 03, 2014

Joseph RosaMARION COUNTY, Fla. —

A Marion County man who claims to be a sovereign citizen had to answer to a judge Monday for refusing to enroll his child in public school.

Videos uploaded to YouTube by Joseph Rosa show confrontations between him and deputies in front of his Marion County home.

“Your child has not been registered in school,” a deputy said in one video.

“I asked you to cite to me the law. And how many months has it been? You haven’t come back with the law,” Rosa said to the deputy.

Rosa was arrested Thursday for failing to attend a truancy hearing. He appeared before a Marion County judge Monday morning.

“I’m the executor of the state of Joseph Anthony Rosa.  I demand immediate discharge of the state known as Joseph Anthony Rosa,” Rosa said in court.

Rosa continued to repeat the statement when asked by Circuit Judge Anthony Tatti why he refuses to enroll his 8-year-old daughter in school.

“Whether you like the education she receives or not, it’s free. And it is her right, as far as I’m concerned, to have an education. And you don’t have the right to deprive her of that,” Tatti said.

Rosa’s daughter attended Sunrise Elementary for kindergarten and first grade, but hasn’t been seen since, which is why authorities have visited Rosa’s Marion Oaks home.

“The Sheriff’s Office has contacted neighbors who have confirmed she is there and she is OK,” school district social worker Terry McCray said.

Rosa claims to be a sovereign citizen who is not under the authority of the local or federal government.

“You all committed tresspass. I do not want you on this property, I’m asking you right now to leave the property!” Rosa said in one of his YouTube videos.

The judge ordered that Rosa enroll his daughter in school. He’s being held at the Marion County Jail but is expected to be released.