AIRED: 03-31-2019

Top Wow Factor!!! John Barbour blows the airwaves with the joy of a Life seized and squeezed every moment. My God, the stories! John talks about his new book, “Your Mother’s Not a Virgin.” Performing on Johnny Carson the night after Robert F Kennedy’s Assassination. His Kismet connection to Jim Garrison, the New Orleans Prosecutor who prevailed in exposing the CIA’s role in killing JFK, winning the only conviction of Clay Shaw in the JFK murder. John worked with Frank Sinatra, Laugh-In. Robin Williams, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Real People. His connection to important events in television and American history are UNCANNY. He goes behind the scenes in Jim Garrison’s fight with NBC and Johnny Carson to break the sound barrier on the JFK assassination, and his smash underground hit, films– “The Garrison Tapes” and also “American Media: The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy!” Both films are available on his website. JOHN’S GOT 67 BOXES of JIM GARRISON’S FILES USED IN HIS PROSECUTION OF JFK’S ASSASSINATION! And so much more! Guys, it’s my best show this year–
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WIKILEAKS insider, Cassandra Fairbanks delivers totally fresh insight to Julian Assange’s confinement at the Ecuadorean Embassy. Observed Through eight visits to Assange, she describes the surveillance inside & outside the embassy; the protocols of the gag order on his press communications; and his overall health and unflagging passion. It was Cassandra who confronted police surveillance...

AIRED: 04-14-2019

THE RUSSIA HOAX IS DEAD! Now frustrated Leftists are searching for the Next Great Nothing Burger! Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay take apart the whopping lies, histrionics and manipulations forged out of “identity politics.” The Deep State is digging in for a protracted fight against Trump. And Gaslighting is all they know! Meanwhile...

AIRED: 04-07-2019

”Freedom of Speech is our Gun Powder”— Fighting words as today’s show tears into the Mueller Report and the Left’s psychotic flight into Deep State Crazy. Russia was a HOAX, but crimes by top DOJ & FBI officials was NOT. There must be a SECOND SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to bring indictments against all players who maliciously...

AIRED: 03-24-2019

Everybody with eyes can see America’s on the precipice of major transformation & the Global Elite are fighting to protect their power. Today’s guest, Cyrellis Gehbendach from the Liberty Community talks about Q Anon, Open Borders, Drug policy & an insidious push for Gun Confiscation. The push back to America Liberty is ferocious with an...

AIRED: 03-17-2019

There’s new strength and resolve coming out of Libya these days. Today’s guest, Miriam Al Fatah describes a crack in the the tyranny of power by the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS jihadists. There’s still two governments in Tripoli, backed by the United Nations, and Tobruk, elected by the Libyan people. But the power base has...

AIRED: 03-10-2019

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AIRED: 02-17-2019