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AIRED: 09-02-2021

Joye joins me again this evening to do another AMA. Our brother Rob Skiba has been six senses return from the take on the world conference. We ask everybody to pray for him and his quick healing. The show tonight was jampacked with information and I was able to answer 14 questions that were emailed then and numerous life questions from the chat. Some of the topics that we covered were the pre-Adamites and the antediluvian world, the war in heaven, the destruction of the first world age, the figtree generation, the return of Christ, and of course the end of days. If you are interested in any of these topics, please give a listen. I hope you enjoy. Be blessed


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On May 26-28 2023, Sacred Word Revealed comes to Atlanta, Georgia purposed to unveil mysteries of the ancient past, tying esoteric understanding with modern theology. We look forward to fellowshipping and diving deep into the mysteries with you. ...

AIRED: 05-18-2023

The Reptilian God Morrop. Located in the Peruvian city of Chiclayo, Representing a reptilian diety also referred to as The Iguana Man based on the descriptions from ancient Mochica Mythology. The Mochica people considered the Iguana Man as a powerful being and a mediator between the worlds of the Living and the Dead. Morrop is...

AIRED: 05-04-2023

Thank you for joining us for Dr. Joye’s newest book which she will be presenting on at the Sacred Word Revealed Conference. Preorder BEAST MARK: End of Days – Breaching the Pineal Gland… Sacred Word Revealed 2023 Conference… Dr Joye’s books are available at:… To keep up...

AIRED: 04-27-2023

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AIRED: 03-23-2023

In this show I read from the original Aramaic cargo to show how allusion to the word of the Lord has been removed from the later Greek and English translations of the holy Bible. In fact, 219 times within the first five books of the Pentateuch has reference to the word of Lord been removed...

AIRED: 03-16-2023