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Sep 13, 2014

, L.A. Times

There’s a reason your favorite coffee shop is busiest in the morning. Some people need a cup of hot coffee before they even begin to think about work. But have you ever wondered which professionals drink the most?

According to a recent study by U.K. blog Pressat, out of the 10,000 professionals who participated, journalists and others who work in media drink the most coffee. My colleagues are all nodding their heads with a big “duh.”

Police officers drink the second most, followed by teachers. The survey noted that journalists, police officers and teachers polled said they drink  more than four cups of coffee a day.

Next were plumbers and trade workers, nurses and medical staff, company executives, telesales, IT technical support, retail staff and drivers.

The survey noted 85% of the participants said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day. And the coffee drinking isn’t just a routine. Nearly 70% said their ability to work would be affected if they didn’t have their daily dose.

The survey also found men drink 5% more coffee than women.

For those of you wondering what three or four cups of coffee a day will do to you, here’s a video by ASAPScience that shows how your brain reacts to coffee. Here’s the Cliff Notes version: The more coffee you drink, the more you’ll need to feel the same affects long term.