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Oct 29, 2013

journalist-raided-witch-hunt-freedom-speech-1st-amendment-free-press-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationLily Dane
Activist Post

Audrey Hudson woke up at 4:30 on the morning of August 6 to find her home surrounded by armed agents from the Maryland State Police, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The agents had a warrant to search for unauthorized firearms and a “potato gun” that Hudson’s husband, Paul Flanagan, allegedly purchased.

Hudson and Flanagan were held in their kitchen while the agents searched their home. Hudson said Miguel Bosch, a Coast Guard investigator who had worked at the U.S. Marshals Service, asked her if she was the same “Audrey Hudson” who had written “the Air Marshal stories” for The Washington Times.

Hudson is an award-winning former investigative journalist who helped expose problems within the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Air Marshals Service.

The agents confiscated Hudson’s records during the search for items owned by Flanagan, a civilian Coast Guard employee. They also took her legally registered firearms, according to court documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Five weeks after the raid, Hudson realized that the agents had taken documents that were not listed on the search warrant.

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