AIRED: 11-05-2017

Jeff Worcester delivers an expert analysis of the newly released JFK files, including the important points of exclusion tied to Mexico City and CIA sponsored coups all over Latin America. Jeff is the President of the Center for Deep Political Research, a new “Think Tank for Truth,” exposing the cabals and politics behind the Deep State. Jeff talks about what’s got the CIA squirming, and why close to 30,000 files from the JFK Assassination are still under hot scrutiny of denial 50 years later. Despite the mountain of evidence and witness testimonials to the contrary, the CIA continues to categorically deny Lee Harvey Oswald was their own agent who faked his defection to the Soviet Union, then rallied support for Anti-Castro forces. Is the CIA in crisis of disclosure? We talk about dead bodies & character assassinations, and a great article, “The Intelligence Community Flips Off America.” http://aarclibrary.org/the-intelligence-community-flips-off-america/. But can they kill the truth?? Not so far! Across the board, the Deep State is losing in fight after fight. As Jeff says, be careful of rabid dogs, animals are much dangerous when they’re wounded. Jeff’s a guest you’ll want to hear!

website: www.cdpresearch.org

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