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AIRED: 10-19-2019

tonight’s show was and intense discussion between host Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne that will blow minds!!! The amount of information that was unloaded is truly mind-boggling. This is one of those shows that one listens to several times and each time gets even more out of it!!! A deep conversation about secret societies, and the mystery schools that lead to the creation of the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits. The Dark Fallen Angel Sorcery implemented by the Jesuits, have infiltrated every aspect of society and now they finally have a Jesuit Pope to convert the world to their New World Religion. Ra and Gary discuss the mass deception used by the Jesuits, the founders of the order and the Voodoo sorcery used by them to accomplish some very dark agendas that include the enchantment of the population, the harvest of souls, infiltration of our banks, and even resurrecting the dead!!! Also discussed is Marian apparitions, the IHS symbol, Rosicrucian’s, Knights Templar, Exorcism rituals of Catholic Priests, and much more!!!!! Ra Castaldo and Gary Wayne have both dedicated their whole lives to this research and unveiling the truth. They make a very unique team when they come together to discuss these topics and this is a conversation you can’t find anywhere else but right here inside the Eye of Ra on the truth frequency radio network! Spiral out!


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