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Aug 06, 2014

(Before It’s News)

By Deborah Dupré

A California Targeted Individual and former police officer featured on Jesse Ventura’s explosive “Brain Invaders” program was the alleged victim of an attempted murder Monday in a car-to-car shooting aimed at him, according to ABC News. In this second historic American TI case in less than a month, the suspect has been booked for attempted murder with bail set for $500.000.

Baker’s vehicle had been hit by seven rounds. It appeared he had three holes in his arms from where he was shot. He said he had no idea he had even been shot at first.

Mind Control – Cointelpro Victim Whistleblower Shot Three Times
Fullerton Police identified Jerry Valentin, 32, of Scottsdale, Arizona, as the suspect in Monday’s car-to-car shooting on the 91 freeway near Magnolia Street.
Valentin is booked for attempted murder of Targeted Individual Ken Baker and his bail is set for $500,000, according to Public Information Officer Kathryn Hamel. 
ABC News reporter Amy Powell said Baker’s “actions helped police capture the suspect, according to police.
Baker said he was out driving on the highway Monday when his car window exploded. He looked over and saw an SUV two lanes over from him with a window rolled down and someone aiming something at him, according to FFCSH head, Derrick Robinson in a statement Tuesday.

“The vehicle took off, but even though injured, Ken, a former police officer, managed to call 911, pursue the suspect at speeds of up to 90 mph, get a license plate number and still maintain control of his car.”

“Then he felt blood running down his arm and realized he had been shot!” Robinson said in an statement.
Fullerton Stories reports, “The 4:30 p.m. shooting was followed by the victim chasing the suspect eastbound on the freeway while he called 911 from his car.  The pursuit ended with help from the Anaheim Police Department and the California Highway Patrol at the Weir Canyon exit in Anaheim.”
Hamel said Baker received as many as three gunshot wounds and was taken to a local trauma center and that his injuries are not life threatening.
Jesse Ventura interviewed Baker, the first Targeted Individual in his TV program Brain Invaders, that boldly exposed today’s covert mind control program associated with Cointelpro. The program treatment is used to persecute thousands of TIs, one they refer to as silent, in-community torture.
In his program, Ventura revealed the technologies that Veterans Today reportedly discovered, along with others, in the course of surveillance operations using advanced hyperspectral ultra-broadband receivers, visual spectrum, combined with signals intelligence monitors that scan for frequency skipping ”burst” related transmitters.
“Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies.  At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists.  This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term,” wrote Gordon Duff for Veterans Today.
Baker is among those thousands tormented 24/7 by perpetrators using covert technology as well as being spied on and harassed by “foot soldiers” in organized gangs.
The local hospital medical staff explained to Baker that it would cause more trauma to the body to remove the bullets – two in his arm and one lodged in his rib cage – than to just leave them in him, according to Robinson.
Baker said that he did not know the suspect in the shooting, nor was there an altercation with the vehicle which would have precipitated the attack. 
“This is the usual protocol: unprovoked harassment, torture, and in this case, violence from an unknown person(s).  It is a classic case that presents irrefutable evidence that citizens are being stalked and harmed by organized groups of mostly strangers,” Robinson said.
Targeted Individuals are under constant death threats, often through written messages, Satanic signs, and through “Voice to Skull” neurophonic technology that they recieve by unknown perpetrators.
Since most of society, including professionals, either are unaware of the technology’s capacity to make a person appear schizophrenic or are part of the widespread organized crime, most TIs are left in isolation to suffer alone, or they experience forced institutionalization.

“The biggest hurdle for TIs is getting people to take their concerns seriously. A proposal made in 2001 by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to ban “psychotronic weapons” (another common term for mind-control technology) was hailed by TIs as a great step forward. But the bill was widely derided by bloggers and columnists and quickly dropped,” according to veteran TI Harland Gerard reporting to the Washington Post in the article Mind Games.

“Doug Gordon, Kucinich’s spokesman, would not discuss mind control other than to say the proposal was part of broader legislation outlawing weapons in space. The bill was later reintroduced, minus the mind control. “It was not the concentration of the legislation, which is why it was tightened up and redrafted,’ was all Gordon would say.”
Police usually take no action when TIs report their victimization in hopes of protection and justice. This news today, therefore, comes as another Targeted Individual landmark case.
In June, California became the first state to pledge aid to targeted individuals (TIs), marking a major breakthrough to an estimated 350,000 innocent Americans suffering from organized spying or stalking, many of whom also say their perpetrators are covertly using new military grade weapons to attack their bodies and their minds.

The breakthrough for American TIs occurred when a group of TIs met with Richmond, California vice-mayor and Richmond police force captain, who pledged that they and their administrations’ will now be working alongside TI victims in their city to assist them, according to an email sent to Dupré. 

Richmond survivors can now call the Richmond police dispatch number if/when they come under electronic attack and file a police report, a first in the United States.

According to his Facebook page, Velentin speaks Japanese, Spanish and English.
On July 29, he wrote on his Facebook page:
Change must happen in mind in the 4th to 6th dimensions before you can change your physical 3rd dimension ! So that all the angels in the 7 heavens will know ur name in a ocean of names!- me
On August 4, Valentin posted his last entry on Facebook, the photo below taken from inside a vehicle on the road, with two words, “Dope dog.”

Fullerton Stories said, “The investigation is on-going and anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Detective Malone of the Fullerton Police Department at (714) 738-6534.” 


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