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AIRED: 10-03-2016

Joining Missa and I this evening was David Weiss. A fellow flat earther and truth seeker. The entire three hours is spent taking phone calls and most the calls are from Globe believers. Fun was had by all and if you are looking for good info on Flat Earth, this is a prime place to start. Correction from the show. I said David was 5’1″ tall and I stand corrected. He is 5’2″ tall.



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A fun show for sure but a bit of a contentious show so beware. Usually Jeran and David agree on most of the topics but tonight, they disagree on whether or not there is a downward force pulling things toward the earth. Will you be Team David or Team Jeran… tune in to hear the...

AIRED: 05-20-2019

Another fun show as David and Jeran discussed more of the new Flat Earth Friend Finder at They also talked about the new video by Probably Alexandra and promoted the Ranty-a-thon taking place tomorrow to help Ranty Flat Earth get a DJI Mavik Pro Drone to do some observations. A link to that go...

AIRED: 05-13-2019

So much covered in tonight’s episode I am not sure where to begin. Jeran and David discussed the app some more, the Sacramento meet-up, gravity, Sy Man Dan, the Scientific American: Cosmology Has Some Big Problems article and Live Stream, TeeSpring shirts and those available from Nathan’s “Lift The Veil” store at We took...

AIRED: 05-06-2019

If you haven’t heard, where have you been? This past week, David and Owen finally had a nice two hour chat on Owen Benjamin’s channel and we discuss this to start. We then talk about the ISS transit that Jeran filmed on Tuesday as well as many more topics and the second hour we took...

AIRED: 04-29-2019

Another amazing show as David and Jeran discussed the latest and greatest across the flat, stationary plane! Jeran talked about his Easter, where he was restricted by family on what he could and could not talk about. David talked about his upcoming chat with Owen Benjamin and then we took calls for the second hour...

AIRED: 04-22-2019

Jeran and David are back for another jeranism Monday Night Raw. Tonight they continue to discuss fake space concepts and other mathematical fiction such as Black Holes, The Fabric of Spacetime, Relativity and so much more. Towards the end of the show… they are attacked by troll callers who decide that the best way to...

AIRED: 04-15-2019