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AIRED: 10-03-2016

Joining Missa and I this evening was David Weiss. A fellow flat earther and truth seeker. The entire three hours is spent taking phone calls and most the calls are from Globe believers. Fun was had by all and if you are looking for good info on Flat Earth, this is a prime place to start. Correction from the show. I said David was 5’1″ tall and I stand corrected. He is 5’2″ tall.



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Welcome to another great show. For the first time, this broadcast was simulcast on YouTube! Be sure to comment on the YouTube video if you would like the first half of the show telecast on YouTube weekly! We were joined by Robbie Davidson and talked a lot about the upcoming conference in less than two...

AIRED: 11-05-2018

Another great show despite what sounded like Dave Weiss falling asleep. Come to find out, he was just lying on his couch. All in all, he still provided his normal commentary and funny anecdotes so all was not lost. The duo took calls from both flat earth believers and haters as well as some technical...

AIRED: 10-29-2018

Another great show with Jeran and co-host David Weiss from DITRH. They took calls including a call from Bob Knodel who talked about his CBS Interview and the upcoming Flat Earth Conference in Denver which is so close we can almost smell it. Enjoy the show, I am sure you will!...

AIRED: 10-22-2018

Dave and Jeran are back and have a fun two hours filled with laughs, anger, some wrestling talk, a baller, and so much more than that. They then premiered a new song heard for the first time ever, “Space Farce.” If that wasn’t enough, they then took a few calls including the singer and songwriter...

AIRED: 10-15-2018

David Weiss joins Jeran again as the two discuss the recent video discussing the article from the IFLScience website about the 7 Proofs of Flat Earth That Flat Earthers Believe. The video about their smashing was discussed plus much more including a nice conversation about celebrating the strengths of each other and encouraging each other...

AIRED: 10-08-2018

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AIRED: 10-01-2018