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AIRED: 10-03-2016

Joining Missa and I this evening was David Weiss. A fellow flat earther and truth seeker. The entire three hours is spent taking phone calls and most the calls are from Globe believers. Fun was had by all and if you are looking for good info on Flat Earth, this is a prime place to start. Correction from the show. I said David was 5’1″ tall and I stand corrected. He is 5’2″ tall.



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Jeran and Dave are back for another great show. They talked shop for a bit and then were joined by guest John O. who is an astrologer and talked about his ideas regarding the stars and planets above and how they relate to us here on Earth. Notice I said the stars above since, as...

AIRED: 02-18-2019

Another fun show as David and Jeran discussed a few things including the excuses that we get from globe believers. They call them explanations but they are simply ready made and tightly sealed prepackaged excuses designed to sway the mind. Calls were taken in the second half of the show including some ideas for a...

AIRED: 02-11-2019

Another fun show after we worked out some kinks at the start. Joining us was Jeff, known better as StinkyCASH. Jeff talked with David about the app that technically was Jeff’s idea. We also talked about some other issues and were excited to hear StinkyCASH will be doing some other Flat Earth videos soon after...

AIRED: 02-04-2019

Jeran and David were joined this evening by Chris, the creator of the very popular Red Pill Philosophy YouTube channel. We discussed all things fake including space and the hilarious corporate welfare needed by YouTube and Google to censor the flat earth movement. Jeran and David took calls the second half and as always, fun...

AIRED: 01-28-2019

Another very exciting show as David and Jeran discussed the ins and outs of flat earth and whether observations match what we have been taught. They discussed the blood wolf super lunar eclipse as well as whether or not the evidence of a moving earth is scientific or not. They took calls the second half...

AIRED: 01-21-2019

Another fun show as Jeran and David were joined by special call-in guest Curious J. The trio asks and answers 26 questions that keep finding their way into the comment sections of our videos. These 26 questions, “Can’t be answered by flat earthers” according to their author but Jeran, David and Curious J do the...

AIRED: 01-14-2019