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Apr 13, 2014

Officer Misty Turner of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office saved this newborn fawn after its mother was struck and killed by a car Wednesday morning.  Jacksonville Sheriff's OfficeBy Teresa Stepzinski,

A newborn fawn survived a collision that killed its mother because of the quick thinking and care of Officer Misty Turner of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The fawn was born immediately after its mother was hit by a vehicle about 5 a.m. Wednesday near Lem Turner Road and Interstate 295. The collision’s impact killed the mother deer, and triggered the birth of its fawn.

Turner went to the scene to care for orphaned fawn. She then went to a local feed store, where she bought colustrum, which is a form of milk produced by pregnant mammals for its young, to feed the fawn. A feed store employee described Turner as “incredibly concerned for the fawn and wanted to make sure the fawn got whatever it needed.” The employee also said that Turner “was incredible and went above and beyond,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The fawn has been turned over to a rescue foster family until it can survive on its own.


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