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AIRED: 12-20-2019

Big Bang, right?? Well, that’s what WE thought, too! Not JUST a BIG BANG, though!! Oh no!! LOTS o’ li’l extra itty bitty bangs, too. Itty bitty bang bangs! Hundreds Of Thousands! (Tony Macalpine Rules!)
–Horry Sheet joins us…first in chat…then in person as he calls in…and blows our mind with tales of homelessness…and HEROISM!! In a case of true FE fearlessness, he saved a woman from her attacker…hear him tell the tale here!!
–The US Department of Agriculture listed Wakanda as a free-trade partner – despite it being a fictional country…we TRADED with them…there’s a list…ducks, donkeys, and dairy cows…oh…my…indeed.
–ON THE MOON!! The Moon’s icy dusty SHOCKING gray surface. Be there!! Do NOT miss this!! Experience an experience few experiencers have ever experienced at the Bitty Bang Blowout Bonanzaramafest!! Dusty Gore-Tex opens for Josh Corey’s Lunar Bulldozers, LIVE from The Moon 09-11-2024…or sometime thereafter…maybe…one day…surely…right?
–What Is Space-Time? The fabric of space-time is a conceptual model combi–NOPE. Next.
–Lis Maiden asks why Walt goes by “Facebones” on Twitter…Release the kitties!!!
–New middle name for Zack: “Magneto”
–The Alan Holman’s Show Rating Of the Day: Humongous!!


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Zack has a new mind-blowing theory: helium, one of our top stories again today, and other gases are not each unique, they are all air with different electrical charges!!! Zack also blows our mind towards the end of the show with news of Denver food shortages…but hey, best apocalypse EVER!! –Helium is going away…allegedly. So...

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We have an interesting start to this one!! Walt jumps outta the nest on his own this morning…and does a firm face-plant…at first. But, he climbs back up that ladder, dives off again…and manages to get airborne, and on-air, by the hardest. Due to tech issues on Josh’s end with the interwebs, he has to...

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