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AIRED: 12-20-2019

Big Bang, right?? Well, that’s what WE thought, too! Not JUST a BIG BANG, though!! Oh no!! LOTS o’ li’l extra itty bitty bangs, too. Itty bitty bang bangs! Hundreds Of Thousands! (Tony Macalpine Rules!)
–Horry Sheet joins us…first in chat…then in person as he calls in…and blows our mind with tales of homelessness…and HEROISM!! In a case of true FE fearlessness, he saved a woman from her attacker…hear him tell the tale here!!
–The US Department of Agriculture listed Wakanda as a free-trade partner – despite it being a fictional country…we TRADED with them…there’s a list…ducks, donkeys, and dairy cows…oh…my…indeed.
–ON THE MOON!! The Moon’s icy dusty SHOCKING gray surface. Be there!! Do NOT miss this!! Experience an experience few experiencers have ever experienced at the Bitty Bang Blowout Bonanzaramafest!! Dusty Gore-Tex opens for Josh Corey’s Lunar Bulldozers, LIVE from The Moon 09-11-2024…or sometime thereafter…maybe…one day…surely…right?
–What Is Space-Time? The fabric of space-time is a conceptual model combi–NOPE. Next.
–Lis Maiden asks why Walt goes by “Facebones” on Twitter…Release the kitties!!!
–New middle name for Zack: “Magneto”
–The Alan Holman’s Show Rating Of the Day: Humongous!!


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Leave it to JoFroJer. We don’t see him for weeks. So he pops in, drops a significant brain bomb…then heads out to move weights around. The bomb? Darkness. He posits Dark is faster than Light. Adam and Eve being terrified of the Sun when it showed up comes to mind. Think about all the times...

AIRED: 01-26-2021

Josh smashes our perceptions this morning with some pics of perky plants. But one of the plants is…perkier(?) perhaps due to some magical magnetic manipulivity(?), as the pics plainly portray. One simple ceramic magnet slipped neath the glass in the middle of the photo and…well, LOOK!!! –Searle, Searle, Searle. Seems Searle has been seen more...

AIRED: 01-22-2021

Are YOU a Jeep-guy? Not so much? How about guitars, that rev your engine? If not cars or guitars, we have Star Wars! Trek? Tech? Ticky? Tacky?? Josh really planted one this morning, wondering about the things we identify with and as, were they ingrained, or implanted? Are we just the sum of all our...

AIRED: 01-19-2021

We ask LC King. And Zack. And you! Our guest (and friend!) Lucas is here today, discussing an engine he built. No, this isn’t a modded hot rod engine, or made for bio-diesel, no, this engine runs on water. Yes, water. And just about anything else he threw at it. Zack was explaining the GEET...

AIRED: 01-15-2021

I DID say today’s description would be all links! We had so many great comments and links in chat today, including a way to finally find freedom from fiat and be fiscally flush (See Doc’s links below!!) that to have NOT included these links would have been a crime! Science loves DEMONS: Demon emojis...

AIRED: 01-12-2021

We hit the ground hard with feeling this Friday, lots of raw emotion over lots of raw shite. Folks are fed up, as are the hosts, reflected back as we try to keep up with all the genius-level commentary flowing through our flat-chat. –Blood once again seems to be the key, thanx Liz!! Shocking!!! –Sit...

AIRED: 01-08-2021