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AIRED: 10-19-2017

Sarge opens the show by discussing Cold and Flu season and the smart / healthy way to prepare yourself for it that doesn’t include flu shots and over the counter drugs! Cutting out the bad foods, excess sugar, nutrifying your body with the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating a high-protein diet will give you a great chance at avoiding sickness during this time of year! Sarge also discusses the Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy device that increases cellular-level circulation. For more information send him an e-mail at [email protected] and he’ll forward it to you.
Sarge then looks a items in the news and takes comments and questions from he Chat room. We all had a great time today!


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Sarge opens the show by discussing the ABSOLUTELY BOGUS opinion issued on 7/26/21 by the U.S. D.O.J. Office of Legal Council to the (incorrect) effect of private and government entities being able to issue directives mandating covid-19 injections for employees of those doing business with them! This is clearly an issue where the Biden Abomination...

AIRED: 07-29-2021

Sarge opens the show by addressing the idea of “Asking your doctor” about getting the Covid-19 bioweapon injection for yourself or your children. The correct answer is a resounding, “NO!” M.D.s have no more education on ‘vaccines’ than they do on nutrition; which is none. They only know and parrot what they’ve been ‘programmed’ to...

AIRED: 07-22-2021

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AIRED: 07-15-2021

Sarge opens the show by talking about a car that was in front of him on the road yesterday. The back of the car was covered with stickers that promoted taking the Covid-19 bioweapon injections. The person had even spent the money to get the ‘vanity’ license plate “GET A VAX”! Sarge covers items in...

AIRED: 07-08-2021

Sarge begins the show by playing some video clips of doctors who have cured thousands of Covid patients with MMS / Chlorine dioxide, doctors warning against the bioweapon injections AKA vaccines especially for children as well as nurses waring the ‘unvaxxed’ to steer clear of the ‘vaxxed’ as they are transmitting the spike proteins that...

AIRED: 07-01-2021

Sarge opens the show by covering the story of four British Airways pilots dying after receiving the Covid 19 bioweapon injections! This is happening while several airlines are recommending that people who have received the jabs no fly as a result of the increased danger of blood clots, yet most airlines are pressuring and /...

AIRED: 06-24-2021