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AIRED: 10-19-2017

Sarge opens the show by discussing Cold and Flu season and the smart / healthy way to prepare yourself for it that doesn’t include flu shots and over the counter drugs! Cutting out the bad foods, excess sugar, nutrifying your body with the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating a high-protein diet will give you a great chance at avoiding sickness during this time of year! Sarge also discusses the Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy device that increases cellular-level circulation. For more information send him an e-mail at [email protected] and he’ll forward it to you.
Sarge then looks a items in the news and takes comments and questions from he Chat room. We all had a great time today!


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Sarge opens the show by discussing the New Year’s Resolution to “Clean up my Diet!” He discusses the 12 Bad Foods and why each of them are bad for you and literally causing inflammation and cancer! He then covers many dangerous processed foods that are a standard part of many American’s diets including mac and...

AIRED: 01-17-2019

Sarge opens the show with “The Story of Carmella” which is a fictional, but highly accurate, description of what can happen if you go to an M.D. for a minor chronic health issue. He then discusses weight loss and restoring overall health for those who’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to do better at one...

AIRED: 01-10-2019

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AIRED: 01-03-2019

Sarge opens the show by discussing yet more incidents of vaccine injury in the news, including Lou Ferrigno of “The Incredible Hulk” fame who recently had a bad reaction to a pneumonia vaccine! In hour #2 Sarge is joined by Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan Phillips who is currently under attack by the N.C. Bar Association....

AIRED: 12-20-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing many incidents of people being injured and killed as a result of getting a flu shot. He also covers how the lame stream media and medical community are now using zoo animals to push their flue shot propaganda. He then switches gears and covers the ‘Murphy Magazine Ban’ in...

AIRED: 12-13-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing several situations where people have recently gotten a flu shot and either died or ended up on life support as a result! He goes over an article listing 10 reasons why you shouldn’t get a flu shot. He was supposed to be joined during the 2nd hour by Vaccine...

AIRED: 12-06-2018