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AIRED: 06-13-2020

The last time we had Jill & Remi on the show was well before COVID hit and we thought it would be a great idea to catch up with them and pick their brains a bit on how to navigate through this heavy energy the whole world is going through and what a great call that was!!

To start off with, we were at our sponsors place of business in Wales NY, Alpine Made skin care products ( and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! We got to see where Kerry Planck makes her products and spent a lot of time with her goats which was cute beyond cute! We were lucky enough to be able to love on a baby goat that was born just the day before! WOW! If you’re looking for natural skin care products without all of the chemicals that you find everywhere else, you really need to check out Kerrys product line! Since discovering it, we know that we will never use traditional soaps, salves, lip balms, etc. ever again!

As for Jill & Remi, we talked about numerous things and spent a great deal of time focusing on various questions sent in from our listeners so check out the show and chances are, if you’re on the Twin Flame journey, they addressed an issue that you may be dealing with even as we’re posting this show!! We have always trusted Jill & Remis wisdom and it’s always great when they share that knowledge and experience with us. They’ve either been through it or have helped someone else get through it so make sure to give this show a listen!

We always love spending time with you and we so appreciate that you spend your precious time listening to what we offer in the way of not only our own experience, but that of our lovely guests as well! Until next Saturday, MUCH LOVE!! 🙂


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