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AIRED: 02-25-2022

With all the zombies trying to out-zombie each other, bringing all kinds of negative energy into their personal lives as a replacement for the ever-declining coronolies drama, it is encouraging to know that we have such an amazing FEmily here hanging out with us all the time! And we appreciate the time you fine folks spend with us, in so many ways!
–Ticks! Fleas!! Muzzies!!! What the actual??? Thoughts of the “circle of life” bring an old-school freshly-forged #WaltRant! Hooold on, it’s volatile. Plum Island, too.
–Their inner melty iron core jawbreaker Earth BS is steadily falling apart, Curry be praised, so they create new magic 8 ball tricks!!
–Balls! On Mars-er, the moon! Mardi Gras mambo mambo mambo!!
Link for The Holy Grail of The Great Reset Conference and Tour below:


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We talk of demon destroying a bit today, learning to center your green heart chakra, turning the demons to pink bubbles, the visualization needed to achieve demon destruction, and hoping to help those under attack. We also dig deep into the Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app (see link below, Use code “Walt”...

AIRED: 08-09-2022

“…15 THOUSAND miles per hour, but it stuck in the ground perfectly! Ok! Right, AND it’s HAIRY!! What the HELL??” Tune in and hear Josh get totally LOCKED -IN on a Fake Space story about…well, a HAIRY piece of “space” debris, and if you look at the pic below…well…I mean…WTH??? #HattieBov –Louisiana BULL!! Shark, that...

AIRED: 08-05-2022

Connect with IRM email: [email protected] If you’d like to support Iron Realm Media: Josh Corey, Walt Johnson, and Zack Zabala bring you Ironworx,...

AIRED: 08-02-2022

We have a bit of an epic WaltRant this morning. when the topic of sleep problems and demonic attacks in the night is broached in chat by Jeremy from the I Wanna Know More channel, Walt takes this to heart as he has been at war with these entities his whole life, added to a...

AIRED: 07-29-2022