Sep 21, 2013

Israel-nuclear-capabilities-weapons-mass-destruction-arab-UN-EU-Iran-IAEA-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to Reuters, Arab nations are calling upon Israel to let the IAEA check out its’ nuclear weapons. Which – to me anyway – seems totally fair, given that Israel is consistently harping on and on about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and Syria’s chemical WMD’s.

Frustrated over the indefinite postponement last year of an international conference on banning atomic arms in the region, Arab states have proposed a non-binding resolution expressing concern about “Israeli nuclear capabilities”.

The United States, of course, has tried to put pressure on the Arab states to “refrain” from calling Israel out ; However, with frustration with Israel building in almost every nation in the world, it’s looking worse and worse politically for them, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Israel ends up being completely abandoned at some point in the near future. Maybe they dropped one too many white phosphorus bombs on UN schools, or maybe their policies concerning the Palestinians are just looking a bit too racist to most logical people on the planet.

The worst that could happen to Israel, of course, would simply be exposure to IAEA inspectors, which is what they’ve managed to strong-arm into every Arab nation with any nuclear capabilities whatsoever ; So, once again, if they really do feel like they’re somehow “exempt” from IAEA monitoring, it becomes an easy question for everyone paying attention to ask: Why do they feel like they’re “better” than Iran? What makes them so special that they are never to be questioned or have their motives examined in the geopolitical arena? Why would a well-reputed news agency such as The Observer be forced to issue a retraction for their “slur” against Israel, just for simply mentioning the fact that Israel used chemical weapons (white phosphorus) on the Palestinians?