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Mar 10, 2014


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Monday, March 10, that because the world chooses to slide over Iran’s concealed nuclear program, the next Klos C ship may not carry missiles but “nuclear suitcases.” They would not only reach an Israeli port, he said, but any port in the world.
He spoke at Israel’s naval base in Eilat at the presentation of the 60 missiles, 181 mortar shells and hundreds of bullets unloaded from the Klos C that was apprehended by Israeli commandos on the Red Sea opposite Sudan last week. Present too were defense minister Moshe Ya’alan, chief of staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and top generals.
Netanyahu did not elaborate on his reference to nuclear suitcases. debkafile’s military and intelligence sources link it to a shipment of 6-10 “nuclear suitcases” that were part of an illegal  Ukraine delivery to Iran in 2003 or 2004 of half a dozen nuclear-capable X-55 cruise missiles (NATO codenamed AS-15) whose 2000-km range covers every part of Israel.
These nuclear suitcases were believed at the time by Western and Middle East intelligence sources to be an original development of Russian nuclear agencies.
In 2005, Ukraine president Viktor Yushchenko confirmed the sale of the X-55 missiles to Iran and China – by his predecessor. But never referred to the nuclear suitcases; nor were they confirmed by Russia or the US.

Nuclear suitcases were designed as a mobile weapon of mass destruction for the easy transfer of tactical nuclear weapons or dirty bombs from place to place. It was therefore perfect for terrorists.

As for the missiles, Israel intelligence estimated that they were sold to Iran without nuclear warheads but with attached diagrams and specifications,  so providing the technology which jumped Iran forward in its quest for a nuclear weapon.
The nuclear suitcases, too, were apparently sold without nuclear explosives.

All this means that Iran secretly possessed nuclear-capable, long-range missiles almost a decade ago.

The illicit Ukrainian transaction, hinted at by the prime minister, had additional murky and serpentine features. It is presumed that China which bought the same number of missiles as Iran footed the bill for both. To disguise the sale, Ukraine and Iran cooked the sales and shipping documents to show that the end-users of the weapons were Russian.
The forging of documents is clearly a common Iranian trick of concealment up to the present day.  Along with the inventory of weapons unloaded from the Klos C, Israel displayed Monday fake Iranian shipping manifests designed to conceal the ship’s route from Bandar Abbas in Iran to Port Sudan en route for Sinai and the Gaza Strip.   

The Prime minister implicitly rebuked EU Foreign Police Executive Catherine Ashton for failing to raise the Iranian weapons ship in her talks in Tehran Monday, when he said, “There is a shrill chorus of international condemnation when we build a balcony in Jerusalem, but scarcely a word when Iran tries to smuggle missiles into Gaza.”
IDF officers at the Eilat presentation pointed to four types of M-302 missiles shipped from Iran with ranges of 90, 120, 140 and 160 km, which could cover the distance from the Gaza Strip to Haifa. Invited to the presentation were also foreign diplomats and correspondents, although few of the latter attended. Barrett on Panorama:

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, editor of the Veterans Today from Madison, to discuss the crisis in Syria.

– “Kevin Barrette, do you agree with George Lambrakis? I mean you have the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, quite ironic that when he was there, he said that: Well, this is where it separates to good in the world from the evil in the world. And it is quite ironic because some of the people who are being treated in these hospitals are responsible for some of the horrendous acts that have taken place inside Syria.”

“Is Israel supporting these insurgents and terrorists, as it is pretty evident now, with these field hospitals?”

– Yes, well it is interesting. George are you a former US diplomat? You sound more like you are a former Israeli diplomat! But of course these days there is not much difference because Israel has a death grip on the Middle East policy of the United States. AIPAC owns Congress, Congress stands up and gives repeated standing ovations for Netanyahu to the point that Netanyahu does not even get a chance to talk because of its nonstop applause. Talk about subservience, talk about obsequiousness and you sir, are a disgusting example of American big lies in subservience to Israel.

The fact of the matter is that what you just told us is all one big pile of bunk. The Israelis have been supporting the Syrian “rebels” all the way down the line. They do not like having a stable Syria. A stable Syria was helping Hezbollah which defeated Israel in 2006 and we know that the axis of resistance of Hezbollah, backed by Iran and Syria, is the key strategic concern of Israel, which is why Mr. Netanyahu is endlessly whining and crying: Please, please America go and sacrifice millions of American soldiers to attack Iran for us because we are afraid to do it ourselves.

And you sir are, basically, Netanyahu propagandist, giving us these outrageous lies. You know, as well as I do sir, that field hospitals set up by the Israelis and visited by Netanyahu, were designed to treat the al-Nusrah fighters, the al-Qaeda fighters who are sponsored by Israel.

Al-Qaeda as a group, is a creation of Zionism and Israel and you know, as well as I do sir, that the so-called al-Qaeda has never attacked Israel in its entire existence and it was Israel that demolished the Twin Towers in 9/11, in controlled demolitions, architects and engineers for 9/11 truth at has more than 2000 professional licensed architects and engineers who are on record risking their careers and their reputations, saying that these were obvious controlled demolitions of the Zionist-owned and operated and security-firmed World Trade Center in New York City.

There is a reason why al-Qaeda has never attacked Israel and that is because al-Qaeda is aligned with Israel, it is so infiltrated by the Zionist forces that it is essentially an Israeli terrorist group. That is why it is destabilizing Syria on behalf of Israel.

Al-Qaeda is attacking Syria and so is Israel. Israel has repeatedly bombing and strafing Syria and attacking Syria and now it is setting up field hospitals for al-Qaeda fighters which makes perfect sense and I am really shocked sir, that you are calling yourself an American diplomat, you should be ashamed of yourself.

-” Kevin Barrett, I gage two examples to George Lambrakis, he did not come up with an answer to these two examples for me. Perhaps you can, and I will address another Israeli example of how they have displayed aggression.

The examples was the one about the German author and director of, a news website, Christof Lehmann: Israel provides direct military aid to Jibhat al-Nusrah, Liwa-al-Islam; the other military officer working for the UN saying that Israel has provided a large-scale logistical and military support in different parts of Syria.”

– Well, I think that it is pretty wise and it has been widely reported in the mainstream media that Israel has been bombing Syria on behalf of the rebels. Yes, it is not just Christof Lehmann, who is an alternative commentator, basically, telling the truth about these things, unlike George, who is just parroting the mainstream line that is being put out there by Fox News and MSNBC, CNN and so on.

It is not just Christof Lehmann but it is also the mainstream has essentially reported that we have had these repeated bombing attacks and obviously Israel is not trying to prop up the Assad government.

Nobody, including the mainstream, is lying enough to try to tell us that Israel, when it bombs Syria, is doing so on behalf of the Assad government. It is obviously the reverse. Israel has been bombing Syria repeatedly every few months, it seems, for the past several years or since the Syrian insurgency or whatever you want to call it broke out, to try to undermine the Assad government and, you know, what is the real strategy? Well, Daniel Pipes wrote an interesting piece, which I reflex the views of Netanyahu and the other extremist Likudnic Israeli leaders, saying that Israel should always back whoever is losing in order to keep the war going on and destroy and destabilize Syria; and that is probably the overall strategy that is that right now, and not just right now for most of the conflict in the last years; so the government in Syria has been recouping lost territory and doing very well militarily against these so-called rebels, who are various conflicting gangs of al-Qaeda terrorists, people who are too extreme for al-Qaeda, such as Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and as well as all kinds of people who are just paid mercenaries of the West, including the US taxpayer and probably the Israelis.

So all of these different gangs in Syria have been fighting amongst each other and fighting each other as well as undermining Syria and this is very much what Israel wants. Israel’s strategy in the Middle East has, for a long time, been a destabilization strategy, trying to sow chaos, violence and infighting among everyone else in the region.

Israel funded and created, basically, Hamas as a way of trying to create problem for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), back when it was strong, and they succeeded maybe too well and now Hamas is a strong resistance force but Israel is always running around, trying to create chaos by funding people who will destroy any kind of stability, any prospect for strength and unity in the region; because they know that as soon as there is any peace and prosperity in progress in the Middle East, Israel is going to have to end its genocide and stop being an apartheid Jews-only state.

[In response to George Lambrakis]: Two thousand architects and engineers are risking their reputations for that.

George you need to look at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

-” Kevin Barrett, do you have an answer to that in terms of how these insurgents have never attacked Israel? Why is that when at this point we are having different facts being uncovered that Israel is somewhat supporting these insurgents or as it is called, these terrorists?”

– Right, actually Israel has very good strategic reasons for supporting al-Qaeda and the people who are even crazier and more extreme than al-Qaeda, the Isis people, not just in Syria but all around the world.

Al-Qaeda’s role is to make Islam look bad and to destabilize the Islamic world and to justify Western and Zionist military interventions all over the Islamic world. That is what it has been and it is not just me, Muhammad Haykal, the leading commentator and historian in Arabic who is part of the highest level in the Egyptian government, came out right after the 9/11 and said the story is ridiculous, when I was running the Egyptian government we had infiltrated al-Qaeda and so had a number of other intelligence agencies and I believe he named the Israelis and the Americans as well as the Saudis who are American allies.

So al-Qaeda has been a cat’s-paw from the beginning. It has been used against the Islamic world, it was used to overthrow Qaddafi in Libya, it is being used in Iraq to wreak havoc and to destabilize Iraq and of course the Americans and especially the Israelis want a destabilized Iraq. Iraq was supporting the insurgencies against Israel in Palestine until it was destroyed by the war in Iraq, which was triggered by the Israeli strike on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers, a false flag attack that launched this so-called war on terror, Israeli wars against the Islamic world on behalf of the Zionism and again, I am certainly not the only person in the West who is saying this; pretty much it has become an open secret…