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Dec 14, 2014

Before Its News
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– Hostages at Sydney cafe

– Up to 20 hostages

– Up to 2 gunmen

– Hostages seen holding ISIS flag


Lindt boss confirms that there are 50 hostages inside the building.

PM Abbott is due to speak in approximately 5 minutes

BREAKING UPDATE: Gunman says four devices are located around Sydney. Security response underway. Police calling for calm. 9News

Bomb squad have now arrived at the cafe

Police and dog squads now at Parliament House

Lindt #Australia CEO says probably about 10 staff, 30 customers in #Sydney cafe at time of siege.

@campricenews says NSW Parliament has been put into lockdown.

@PzFeed: Martin Place train station shut down – police official

@BNONews: SYDNEY SIEGE: Sydney’s Harbour Bridge has been shut down, Channel 7 reports.

@SkyNewsAust: NSW Police + AFP are raiding several homes in Lakemba right now

Unconfirmed reports that a ‘suspicious’ member of the public has entered the Sydney eye hospital and is now ‘missing’

Reports that there are several attackers in cafe, middle aged man with ‘Islamic’ headband appears to be ordering others (not hostages) around. 

@SkyNewsAust: #BREAKING: unconfirmed reports contact has been made to a Sydney radio station

Reports that one of the staff workers from the cafe in Sydney is being used as a human shield.

Writing on flag being held against Lindt cafe window is known as the Shahada, it translates as ‘There is no god but the God, Muhammad is the messenger of the God’ and is used by several groups e.g. The Caucasus Emirate and the al-Nusra front.

Australian police say responding to ‘incident’ at Sydney Opera House. AFP

Package found at the Sydney Opera House

@rConflictNews: #Breaking: Unconfirmed reports that the gunman in #Sydney has a ‘backpack and vest’

Australian police earlier this morning raided a Sydney home and arrested a terror suspect

@mentalgellarr: Apparently one of the gunmen has told police he has devices all over the city and wants to speak to the Prime Minister live on radio #Sydney

Sky news reporting a major operation underway at Sydney Opera House.

Jamal Daoud says flag in window of Lindt Cafe belongs to Jabhat Al Nusra not ISIS


This looks like a multi-pronged attack if whats going on at the Sydney Opera House is connected.  This reminds me of what happened in Canada last month or so ago. Stay tuned I will update