Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Oct 01, 2015

It looks like the college shooting in Oregon today may be just another drill. This is my initial observation of what is going on. If there really was a shooting, the victims have my sympathy. But, after seeing all these ‘shootings’ (read exercises) in areas where it is illegal to carry arms, makes me anticipate more politicians blathering about disarming the American people (while arming the terrorists overseas, that Russia is cleaning up right now).

The breaking news I posted earlier seems to divert attention of the Americans away from the White House, Russia and Syria

During the live report from a local reporter, she said that parents can pick up their children at the Fairgrounds. That the students will be bussed by school buses from the school.  This is a community college, why can’t the students drive home?  That report connotes an image of very young students rather than college students. How do those students normally get to the college?

Secondly, there is no live camera footage. We all are aware that most people have phones that can take pictures and upload to social media within minutes of an event. Not one photo has emerged on social media from a student at this college.

If one looks at the aerial maps of the area, one is reminded of the controllably remote characteristics of the college location like that of Sandy Hook.


The only photos available of the actual site, are not really at the site except the pat downs at the college.  If you will note in the following screenshots of the news report, you will notice many people wearing the same color shirt as if the shirt colors are codes for roles they are playing.



note the pink shirts for EMTs

Note again the pink shirts for the EMTs

Note again the pink shirts for the EMTs

Note the burgundy shirts for those being pat down.

Note the burgundy shirts for those being pat down.