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Nov 04, 2013

obamacare-propaganda-tv-shows-hollywood-truth, frequency, radio, chris geo, sheree geo, chris, geo, sheree, alternative, media, news, informationBy Kyle Smith, New York Post

We’re lucky “Breaking Bad” ended this year instead of next.

Thanks to a new propaganda initiative to promote the health-care policies of the Obama administration, there’s now a board of entertainment-industry creative types (including “Bad” creator Vince Gilligan) whose stated mission is to push the great news about ObamaCare.

So here’s what “Bad” might have looked like in 2014:


Walter White, the most-wanted fugitive in America, sits on a lonely New England road trying to figure out how to hot-wire the stolen car he’s sitting in. Lights flash behind him. An officer steps up to his window.

Good evening, Sir, how are you?

(Frantically trying to think up another lie)
Um, fine. Look, I . . .(coughs)

Lung cancer, am I right? Say, did you know that under the Affordable Care Act, your pre-existing health condition is no longer anything to worry about?


You thought I was a cop, didn’t you? I get that all the time. No, I’m a Department of Health and Human Services information officer. I just wanted to introduce you to some of the amazing features of the Affordable Care Act’s new website. Lemme see your iPad.

(Handing it over) Okay . . .

You just log in here and . . . (tapping) There you go! Easy, right? Don’t worry about that “catastrophic fail” error message, that’s what we in DC call a “glitch.” Just keep re-entering your information every few minutes. For the next six months. Have a nice night!
(Gets in car, drives away.)

(Turns to camera) I only have six months to live, so ObamaCare was too late for me. America, don’t make the health-care mistakes I made. Let ObamaCare be your crystal meth.
(Drives off into distance. Credits roll. Bruce Springsteen’s “We Take Care of Our Own” plays on soundtrack.)

Earlier this month, the California Endowment nonprofit granted $500,000 to a USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center program, “in the latest push to get Tinseltown to promote President Obama’s Affordable Care Act,” Deadline reported.

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