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Jul 09, 2014

Jim Stone

Child Thieves are simply using a lie about trains to provide cover for the fact that they are actually stealing children from Central America and shipping them up to the U.S.A  on white buses and on regular air flights to trigger a social disaster


In the following video  a Mexican who works at the train yard in Guadalajara tells all – no children have ever come through on the trains and therefore other eyewitness accounts of these children being stolen and shipped up on buses are the REAL story.


The only children coming up are stolen and sent up by people operating to destroy America. Mothers are warning the children to stay away from white women who are working for charities and other so called “outreach programs” because once the children get involved with these people, they vanish.

There are no children on the trains AT ALL, no children walking the roads (I just spent 3,000 KM riding all the roads on a motorcycle and never saw a single child walking the roads, no packed rest areas, NOTHING. So if they are not on the trains, and nowhere to be seen on the roads, yet they are vanishing there is ONE ANSWER and it came directly from someone in Nicaragua:

An Ex-pat in Nicaragua blows the story wide open:

“During this research, I’ve been asking expats how ‘gringos’ are treated and a woman from Canada who is in Managua, Nicaragua replied back by email and said that this past 6 months or so, Nicaraguan mothers have been warning their kids to stay away from gringos, especially women and ESPECIALLY ones claiming to work for NGO’s or missionary types. Apparently, there have been a lot of “runaways” and young pregnant teens going missing and the locals there are ‘very suspicious’ that they’re being taken by these people. After thinking about it, I believe this would be a perfect plan – go to Central American countries, set up orgs to help children, once the kids are under their legal guardianship, they can then take them out of the countries and ship them to the US.”


This, in a single statement, says it all: The children are not leaving Central America on trains, they are being taken and shipped up to America by so-called “relief workers” who steal them and put them on buses and have them shipped directly up to America. There are no “trains of death” or huge waves of people walking the Mexican countryside, and Arturo himself, in the video, clearly states that the police would not tolerate having them on trains, so such an exodus is impossible.

This is a social catastrophe involving stolen children that is bought and paid for by your tax dollars, which are funding a black op run by enemies of America who are working in America’s government to destroy America. And what about all the broken families being created in Central America? It is that simple, take everything else being said about this and trash it because it is irrelevant and based on absolte B.S. being fronted by those who are running a huge child theft ring to bring America a social disaster.



Child Thieves are simply using a lie about trains to provide cover for the fact that they are actually stealing these children from Central America and shipping them up to the U.S.A  on white buses and on regular air flights

July 7 2014



Confirmed: Train of death a MYTH.

Jim Stone 6-7-8 2014



Illegal immigrant children are not riding freight trains, they are getting put on buses and airplanes by the people fronting all of this, probably on YOUR DIME.

“15 people per day get busted by police in this train yard, the trains get searched for people and of those who do get busted for hitching a ride on a train, they are all adults and half are from Mexico. No children have EVER come through here AT ALL, not even one.” – train yard worker in Guadalajara, the largest switch yard in Mexico north of Mexico City.

Rush Limbaugh’s Train of death” is a load of bunk, and I can prove it. You cannot blame Rush for this mistake, because he can only go on media reports and does not have people in Mexico. I have the advantage of actually being here and actually seeing three large train yards in Leon, Guadalajara and Manzanillo which I set foot in personally to investigate all of this. After interviewing people at the largest yard in Central Mexico – the yard in Guadalajara ON CAMERA, people who were also in touch with Manzanillo which is a major port, I have proof of my initial suspicion after seeing the first yard, and that is that there are NO children coming up on trains AT ALL. Why is this important? Because it proves that someone has to be paying bus fare and airfare to get these children up to the U.S. and you can bet it is YOUR TAX DOLLARS DOING IT. Talk about salt in an open wound . . . . .



The man I interviewed on camera at the train yard in Guadalajara had it nailed, he specifically said the children are getting loaded on towhite buses in Central America and taken straight to the U.S. that way, and that ZERO children are on the freight trains, NOT A SINGLE ONE has come through Guadalajara EVER. And if someone out there spawns a lie, saying OH, they all come through freight yard X, I will go to freight yard X and prove the lie. Kids cannot pick wherever a train goes, the fact that none have ever randomly hit Guadalajara according to people who work at that yard when Guadalajara has the biggest one north of Mexico City proves the train of death is nothing but a psy op.


The image to the left is a LIE

The image to the left is a photo op and does not EVER happen. I questioned people in the know who actually work the switch yards in Mexico and also did my own footwork to prove what they said, and they said no children ever pass through Mexico on freight trains. The people who do arrive at the switch yards will be a combination of Mexicans wanting a free ride and Central and South Americans, totaling 15 PER DAY, and the switch yard workers made it clear that they have NEVER seen a child arrive on a freight train EVER.


When the people get busted they are not jailed, they are only taken out of the yard and released. However, 15 per day and having them be mixed with Mexicans also means that there is no huge problem with illegals riding trains to America. And there is no way for this to not represent the average, there is no huge corridor they all pass through, because there is no passenger schedule for freight trains, when you hop a freight (which I have done in the past for 1,500 miles) you can only guess where the train is headed and it is luck from there. So Guadalajara is not missing out on the action because it is getting random arrivals and if children really were hopping trains by the thousands, thousands would have just by the luck of the draw hit the exchange at Guadalajara. The fact that not a single one has EVER hit that yard says it all, and I have this documented on video, straight from a man who works there.


Yet the children are arriving in America, and the people at the switch yard told me how.

The Mexican border agents know the buses do not have a destination in Mexico, so they let the buses pass. And the mainstream media also has claimed that these children are also being flown. QUESTION: Who is paying for this? Why was there a contract put out for receiving and transporting 65,000 illegal children per month by the DHS SIX MONTHS AGO, to start NOW?


ANSWER: One of my readers told me directly: Non government offices were set up in Central America to gain the trust of the children, take them, and ship them up to America. It is important to note that this was stated directly by someone on the ground in Honduras. All the children arriving are basically stolen. Mothers in central America are warning their children not to approach any white women or accept help from any non government organization, because these organizations which are fronting as charities are taking these children, loading them onto buses with no permission from the parents and shipping them up to America. It is the largest organized child theft in world history, happening NOW.

The real story is far far worse than trains – this is intentional and being done by enemies inside the American government who are paying to have these children shipped up to America, BY THEIR ORDERS. This is a manufactured situation that happened completely by plan. It is an act of war on Central America and also the American people, committed by the very people Americans, “elected” compliments of rigged electronic voting machines.


I documented ALL OF THIS ON VIDEO, including the testimony of a man who worked the rail yard, the empty trains, EVERYTHING, and I will try to post this tomorrow.