Iranian Society and the U.S. Education System with Samira Sharif >>


AIRED: 09-28-2012

First Hour: George Kavassilas was gracious enough to join us for the first hour, even though we had scheduled him for three this evening, but managed to get a lot of good information out about his upcoming book, Our Universal Journey, available for shipping soon! We discuss the yin/yang (or light and dark) aspects of this reality we live in and how we have to accept and embrace each one inside of ourselves in order for humanity to ascend to a higher state of consciousness.



2nd-3rd Hour: Samira Sharif joins us at a pivotal time between the nation she grew up in (Iran) and the United States, where she has built a life for herself. We discuss Israel’s possible upcoming false flag (as indicated by their own lobbyists in Washington) to justify attacking Iran, and how the U.S. education system has been so dumbed down, the public will probably come around to accepting it just because the media says to.





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