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AIRED: 02-10-2020

Join Tanuj Soodan, on his very first broadcast on TFR, on The Matrix Unveiled. In this first broadcast, Tanuj introduces himself, and talks about information on the Matrix, reality, consciousness, energy, aerokinesis, and explains the sentience of the system, many have dubbed “God, Allah, Yahweh”, or “The Matrix”. He explains the true nature of the system, and the infinite ability each and every soul contains, in order to reprogram the system, to truly create one’s reality, the way they wish. Tanuj teaches private courses, and private sessions on his website, and shares more information on his YouTube channel.Follow him on social media, to receive more insights on the TRUE nature of reality and consciousness!
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In this episode, Tanuj dives deep into the basics of creating one’s reality, becoming connected to the Universe, and evolving one’s consciousness. He also explains the truth on the shadow consciousness, and why it is the main cause people feel stagnated, demotivated, and trapped within their own cycles of their existence. ...

AIRED: 02-17-2020