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AIRED: 11-05-2017

I cant stop though i know i should , its a cry for help I need to you know stop …Saying… You Know , You Know ….. if you can count the number of times I say :”you know ” i will send you a Into the Microcosm HAT.. [email protected] Join me on a low and slow ride down the dark high WAY I remember Salena ,And the Trigger Fish Opinion ..JiG.The truther industrial complex
,plus Wienstien,,Corey Feldman , and …..Blood guzzler Christians point fingers … at the illuminated EYE
Clyde Lewis call ,he laughs so hard it will make you laugh, Bill Hicks
MR Probz,,Santana Kid Frost Los Lobos ,Sammy Hagar,blue king brown,Grace Potter and Joe Satriani and more .. Be safe its not what it is its what you make it much love ,many blessings and thank you for your support,
first annual Alternative Media awards SHOW New years eve send submissions to [email protected]
.soundcloud hypno imagica De Crypto is my music check it out free downloads
alternative artists creative is my you tube creative draft dumping ground put all my work there to see how it looks ,no monitization no promotion ,some good little demo stuff if you are interested
face book enegue nnylf …

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