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AIRED: 10-21-2018

Sir James Robert Wright…32 DEG>
Ron Patton The O G of the Atlernative Media
Paranoia Magazine,..Executive. Producer Ground ZERO Clyde Lewis
James Robert Wright, 32° is 36 years old, resides in Los Angeles and has held many positions and decorations in Freemason Lodges, the Scottish Rite, amongst other secret societies, in keeping with multi-generational family customs. His ancestral roots are traced directly into the British Aristocracy, making him the great grandson of half the Grandmasters of the historical Knights Templar. James has a background in entertainment production, emergency dispatch, technical theatre, and then proceeding all that formal employ as an Envoy to the Supreme Council in Washington, D.C. with carte blanche access to Scottish Rite vaults and archives as Special Assistant to the Secretary-General in Dallas, Texas.
From the door to the very top he unexpectedly uncovered some of the most shocking revelations about this so-called ‘international charitable fraternal service organization’. Now, having blown the whistle on the Order, James currently finds himself on the frontlines in the truth and progressive movements, rallying public awareness on the nature of corruption and manipulation prevalent in society. Though it cost him everything to sound the alarm on such an establishment, his intense and fearless passion for his beliefs has earned him many accolades both in Hollywood and internationally as a leader in the ongoing process of revealing and disclosing the hidden side of history… the side of it THEY don’t want YOU to see.
James has written two books detailing the internal workings of Freemasonry from the door to the highest levels, setting him apart from what he calls “the plague of disinformation”. He has appeared as a guest on hundreds of talk shows where he brings with him his expertise into the controversial world of secret societies and the occult/cult shadow side of the world that hides in plain sight.

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