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AIRED: 10-28-2018

Lets do the time warp again.
Jimmy gen Rockin and Brandy Lou
… Because it’s Later Than You Think

The world has watched and waited as the unfolding electoral chaos in Florida has gripped us now for weeks. As might be expected, we at Enterprise have a “slightly different take” on what’s currently occurring than most other political observers. In fact, if we are right — based on almost three years of astonishing historical research initiated by Enterprise Principal Investigator Richard C. Hoagland — what we are seeing currently on television is only the beginning of an unfolding story that will leave you shaken to the core …
As the world watched and celebrated on New Years Eve 1999, a series of occult symbolic religious rituals were carried out simultaneously in New York’s Times Square and on the Mall in Washington DC — in some cases right under our noses — by the elite inside group (or groups) we have been tracking at Enterprise for some years now. The traditional secular celebration ritual of the new year — parties, champagne, and hopefully a kiss at midnight — paled in comparison to the exotic and opulent commemoration put on the power elite on worldwide TV. By our reckoning, this turn of the century was something of a coming out party for the shy debutants that have worked so carefully in the background for so many years at NASA/JPL and various government agencies. We fully expected a major ramp up in the symbolic gamesmanship based on the overwhelmingly Hyperdimensional “Millennium Ball” planned to drop in Times Square. We were not disappointed.

More important to us however was not so much the details of the celebration itself, but rather just what was being privately (in front of billions of people) celebrated and how we got to this place and time to witness this “Millennium turn” at all. For — as we were constantly reminded — the “real” millennium doesn’t turn until next year — 2001 — and, it was all just arbitrarily arranged to happen on this date and time in the first place.

If you believe that one, then you probably believe that NASA switched the crews on Mir because they planned to send up an astronaut with a space suit that didn’t fit.

You see, this whole weird festival — the details of which we will get to in a minute — so elegantly orchestrated by the various networks and broadcast to the world (and beyond), was actually set up centuries, if not millennia, if not tens of thousands of years ago in order that we might bear witness to a very special celestial event. An event which unfortunately may signal that we are approaching a very critical period in human history.

New York’s celebration was held in the traditional Gotham locale of Times Square, witnessed by at least 2 million people in attendance in and around the Square. New York has been a magnet for all things Egyptian lately, and it also holds a significant place in the overall “Cydonia” connections of these ceremonies by occupying the crucial “Cydonia latitude” on Earth, sharing the monumental location of 41° N latitude with the Face and City.

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