Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Jun 13, 2015

I wake up late this morning in the Balkans, to news only on twitter, of a shooting/bombing-van at a Dallas Police Department.  This is a breaking story as I write it, and if it weren’t for twitter, I would know nothing about it.  Most of my ‘alternative media’ friends are asleep for it is only 5:55 a.m.on the east coast and far earlier on the west coast on this Saturday Morning.

Thanks to @BlogsofWar on twitter I see that we have a DOMTERR, (Domestic Terrorist) event.  One of the few people that is discussing it had the wisdom of making a hashtag ‘#’ #DallasPDShooting so people like me can view the events in a timeline. It is quite obvious that we do not need MainStream Media (MSM) anymore.  Twitter users can be seen asking for the 24 hour news services.

msm worthless3

As you can see right below that tweet, CNN had posted, but for the previous two hours, the information was given by people on the internet while listening to police scanners.  (Is this why many police departments want secure channels; so as to keep the general public from hearing? That topic will be shelved for another day.)

Because of twitter and the independent and free people posting on such a sight, those with loved ones in the area of emergency can see what is developing and act accordingly.  This instant reporting is also great to warn people in a local area of an emergency and dangerous situations.

This freedom to communicate  is most necessary and cannot be prohibited or limited by government. Agencies in DC are trying to usurp our freedom with Acts, like the TPP.  What those in the Beltway fail to realize is, the freedom of the people today to communicate can also HELP police or other emergency agencies.  The online  community has proven to be priceless in finding, sorting, and providing crucial information to emergency personnel.  The background information on the suspected perpetrator in the #DallasPDShooting posted so early will help people understand that he has had serious issues before.  This immediate information also keeps checks and balances of power by authorities in these emergency situations.

If we lose the internet, or any freedoms therein, it will be a catastrophic loss for the public, for emergency services AND for government.

Now, I think I will have my morning coffee.  Good morning where ever you are round the world.