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Dec 10, 2013

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An awesome Indiana police officer is making sure that no one gets left behind — not even stuffed members of the family.

Last Saturday, Jason Cullum of the Evansville Police Department spied a teddy bear on the interstate on his way to work. But instead of driving by, he stopped traffic to pick it up, according to Good Morning America.

“I know how important those are to kids,” Cullum told GMA. “We carry teddy bears in our car because we know when we talk to kids having a bad time, if you give them a teddy bear it helps them relax and makes them feel better.”

A dashcam video shows Cullum halting in the middle of the interstate to retrieve the bear from the road. He then hands it over to the family of Nikki Mayo, the bear’s 8-year-old owner. The EPD uploaded the rescue footage to its Facebook page Tuesday.

I am sure you made the child’s day,” commented Facebook user Rick Cooper. “Those little bears and some toys are a child’s life line. They feel protected and secure. You did an OUTSTANDING job returning and even caring enough to return the child’s bear.”

Local news station WTVW brought Cullum and Nikki together Wednesday night so the third grader could thank her bear’s rescuer.

This is the first bear I’ve ever had,” Nikki said, according to WTVW.

Cullum later said of the reunion, “Seeing her holding that bear, not just holding it, but hugging it like she’s never going to let it go, I’m really glad that I stopped.”