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AIRED: 03-24-2020

We have James True with us today, EVENTUALLY, literally at the last segment, and while there are lots of good discussions about fear porn, fake virology, mass mind fuckery, TV zombie-ism, and lots more, once we get James in, he has some interesting things to say…

–You think Racism is a trigger? Wait until Immunism hits.
–We need men. To be men. And helpers. As well as warriors. Warriors of the soil. The soil that is living…
–Gaia has sent the Great Awakening Spore out into the world, and now that it is spreading on the winds of dissent and refuting lies, the elite have to try this viral lie game…

–Chat highlights-
syllamo: So easily triggered into fear based on ignorance.
Josh: I’m triggered into fear by the ignorance.

hey everyone, i have a short little story, something weird that i seen the night before last… i was watching the stars thinking “wow, there are so many tonight! They were chemtrailing too… but not enough to not see it… one by one I seen these “stars” start to move. Have you all been watching at all that big bright light, they say its Venus… well, the moving stars started moving toward that big light & disappeared. I know what a plane looks like. They were NOT planes! Like I said, they looked like stars until they started moving


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Masks. Oh, the masks. Masks everywhere. On the sheeple. On the ground. On the ground, BEFORE they are even on the sheeple, then BACK on the ground. Because sheeple are known for their love of the land… Why are they willing to submit? Is it the drugs? The fluoride? The TeeBee?? Patent search yields:

AIRED: 07-03-2020

There is a rumbling in the distance. As it approaches, you feel it in that deep, special place where gut-feelings are born. Not a bird, nor a plane…is that a robot?? Nope! Despite the one wheel, there is an extremely huge, very-much-human heart driving this assault on the mainstream madness mauling the masses’ malleable minds....

AIRED: 06-30-2020

Zack said it. I liked it. Then we talked about space crap. Literally. Bam: Show title! We bounced around a bit but touched on lots of goodies today. –Most importantly, The Alan Holman shared his amazing cancer cure book with our friend Terpenes1978 (sending LOTS of love!!!) and I have the link for your copy...

AIRED: 06-26-2020

Put out that blunt! Turn off the torch!! Pour out some of that bong-water for the lost dollars you’ve spent on top-shelf, high- THC bud!!! Not only does THC content have nothing to do with how “good” the weed is, as recent research conducted by the University of Colorado and published in JAMA Psychiatry found,...

AIRED: 06-23-2020

Nachiketa’s YouTube Channel: “Truly, I say to you, you will find justice only when you find it yourself and can make your fellow humans understand it.” “There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty...

AIRED: 06-19-2020

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AIRED: 06-16-2020