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Sep 12, 2015



Syrians Return to Homs

Posted on 11th June 2015 by

THIS IS SYRIA: I love sharing these pictures of what might seem like small victories but in reality – they are huge. These pics are from Homs – a city that had early on been overrun and taken over by US backed ‘moderate rebels’.

THE ‘REBELS’ in turn quickly handed everything over to al Nusra ‘rebels’ (al Qaeda). Then al Qaeda/Nusra ‘rebels’ quickly handed everything over to foreign al Qaeda/Nusra ‘rebels’ from Chechnya, Tunisia, Libya, etc.

FINALLY about a year ago, the Syrian Army (of the government of Bashar al-Assad) was able to re-take Homs. The people who had run away from the fighting and the sharia law imposing ‘democracy-loving rebels’ – came back home to a bombed out city but they have been cleaning and rebuilding. It was such a great moment when they got streetlights working again soon after they moved back!

THESE ARE MY FAVORITES – the pics of the people sharing tea or coffee outside, re-opening shops, watching the soccer game together, attending worship, the kids playing, everybody working and helping each other. Awesome!

FRIENDS – these dear people, Muslims, Christians, many other groups, are fighting for their lives and their futures. Please remember them in your prayers.


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