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By Luckee

Sep 07, 2015

We have seen much ado about the drowned red shirted baby that washed ashore last week. Until this photo started circulating, the uppercrust of society and those in distant lands had plausible denial-ability in accepting blame for the migrant/refugee crisis. I am not proposing anyone should feel guilty, not at all. The mainstream media and the governors of that media is trying to make people feel guilty.

Forgotten Victims of the “War on Terror” via MemoryHoleBlog

Forgotten Victims of the “War on Terror”
via MemoryHoleBlog

There has always been a migrant/refugee crises.  There are always boats full of people trying to leave their homeland and trying to find a better life in a new land.  And there are constant drownings of people from these boats. Those who are distant from these catastrophes are not exposed so much as others. But now, in the information age, where an explosion in a factory accident can be viewed on sites like Live Leak and You Tube within minutes of the event, on the other side of the world. Today those sinking boats of refugees are in our conscience within hours if not minutes.

All this last week there have been reports of massive movements of refugees/migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. But none of the stories seemed to have affected the world conscience too greatly until a photo of a dead little boy with a red shirt, blue pants, and shoes on, washed ashore.

Aylan Kurdi image via Twitter

Aylan Kurdi
image via Twitter

There is a lot of theater going on about this particular photo. So many photos/film Why? Most humans with a heart would drop the camera after the first, if any, snapshot and pick up the child.

1. The father Already had a home provided to him and his family for 3 years. That is not announced in the media nor is it disclosed that the child’s father has been exposed as a fraud.  I am not disputing the deaths of these people. They died. At sea. Anyone who ropes their children into a cause that is dangerous or deadly, needs to have their head examined.

2. The media is using the red shirt baby as an icon for the event.  It has even become a ghastly meme, but an effective one.

3. The photo is now viral because of a lone clean body in the frame of an empty beach. Oh, dare I say it? The child looks white.

4. Why didn’t the media use these photos? Because these images make one uncomfortable. you can’t have these images displayed in a upperclass offices or the lawyer firms, it is too ghastly for milquetoast folks.

image via Twitter

image via Twitter

5. The red shirt baby was well lit and permits the viewer to judge and gaze for longer than 10 seconds without discomfort. The viewer won’t cringe.

Aylan Kurdi image via Twitter

Aylan Kurdi
image via Twitter

The refined gentility of those far removed from the event can have a magazine laying out with that image on their coffee table without being considered crude. And one may even discuss it in polite conversation. “Oh Bless their Hearts.”

What one does not see in the MSM depiction of the iconic dead refugee baby, are the fellows going fishing in the background. Cropping was definitely a good idea.

Gone Fishing! image via twitter

Gone Fishing!
image via twitter

This is only one example of how the mass media will use imagery and psychology against you. If not to loosen your purse strings, then get you to talk about the cause and to demand your politicians (who were responsible for it all in the first place) to go ‘DO SOMETHING!’.

There are millions of images of dead babies on the internet. So next time you see an iconic image like that, question it. What is the endgame here?