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AIRED: 04-30-2021

Today, Lucas “L.C.” “The Full Snunder” King shares with us his homeland’s answer to the NASA: Australian Research & Space Exploration. We’ll wait while you fill in the acronym.

Joke? Most assuredly. But then again, who is the joke on? The money-grubbers who tell us a 40 yr old interstellar vehicle built in the 70s still has a charged battery but that a quadrillion dollar Mars RC Copter was only designed to fly a few times, like say15% of the time before utter system failure while it enhances dust and takes selfies with its companion Buddymobile? Methinks the joke is on the beLIEvers yet again…

–Zack unearths a huge crystal. No skulls…yet…
–Need more roughage? Prunes? Or brewed prune juice, perhaps?
–Lookout! Watch the skies!! Turtles and ice and fiber, oh my!

–Chat Chit–
D C:
​taint no space agency better!

Zombie Snoop:
​I think there is way more of us out there and we need to start building the community in person and get offline a little bit more

Robert Page:
​reign in space 😈

The Horry Sheet Show:
​Some people are too dumb to be allowed to continue operating their meat shields 😲

Michael Kilpatrick:
​I keep magnets on my headboard where I sleep they help block EMF.

​Ice Saints

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