Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Aug 19, 2015

I must apologize to the readers.  It is sad that I cannot harden my heart or brace myself yet again, to verify another video provided by The Center for Medical Progress and their series on the crimes committed by Planned Parenthood.  I am unable to do it, folks, I am sorry.  I will retweet if it shows in my timeline, only.

I have covered many horrors, like the deplorable means of death of Libyan Colonel Qaddafi, and that was most gruesome.  But everyone has a limit and just reading the title of the last installment as provided by :

‘Heart was still beating’: 7th Planned Parenthood video released shows harvesting of baby’s brain ‘who is still alive’

I don’t need to see the video to have my heart stop in sheer horror of the psychopathic disregard for fellow human beings.

Here is the link to the video.  I will not post this video of macabre killing of children in the name of money and depopulation on here.  We at Truth Frequency Radio love and promote life.  I will no longer give energy to this maleficent force of death, by putting the video here.

I suspect that us constantly talking about and spreading the videos and sharing the chilling bloodletting is actually feeding the murderous energies and entities.  I could be wrong.

I mean no offense in this, I am tired of death, especially of the innocents and innocence.