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AIRED: 03-04-2022

Yes, we will address the inevitability of a Space Hotel. A space hotel set to OPEN in 2025, no less. But first, a HUGE HUG, lots of love and healing heading out from us here on the Realm to all of our FEmily of listeners who may be struggling at this time, or ANY time. Financial woes are common to us all, but some have lost a lot recently, and in their time of need, please help if you can. The link below is to help our friend unindoctRYANated who is in dire straits at present. (Thanx for the heads up, Kappalicious420.)
–OK. Between the Russians VS Americans in space on the ISS currently mimicking the movie 2010, and the Space Hotel set to open in 2025 looking like the wheel space station from 2001, it seems perhaps Kubrik had access to The Groening Farsight Device.
–Space Vajajay. No, REALLY. We are not making this one up, there IS a vulva starcraft. Because SCIENCE.
–Space Wet Bar. Truly. On a balloon.
–More problems for dark matter.

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