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AIRED: 04-16-2022

Ra Castaldo and Gary Wayne with another amazing show, the start of show had a few technical difficulties with Skype but about 4 minutes in we got everything settled. Tonight’s show was really interesting as they discuss what is the truth behind the Fallen Angel and Nephilim bloodlines, and how so many people are spreading false information about them. For over 20 centuries there’s been a war over the Knowledge contained by these bloodlines, these are still the Asura- Deva Vedic wars of old, being continued to this very day.
Who were the Hyksos kings? Was Moses a Hyksos King? When these wars began, many of the Solar Kings went to establish their own empire and land, this is when many other similar cultures arose, Mitanni, Kassites, Hittites, Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians etc do not miss this show !

website: genesis6conspiracy.com

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Ra Castaldo brings incredible information you won’t be able to find anywhere else ! A Council of Suns, the meteor messengers and cometary messengers of God, Baitylos stones, watchtowers of the grigori in Sardinia and so much more discussed. Discussing this weekends blood moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and what kind of energy will be...

AIRED: 05-14-2022

Yeah!!!!Great Vibes ! Great Show, TFR is back and in full force for the New Moon Solar Eclipse extravaganza show !!!! So amazing coincidence how our station was going through a reboot during the literal “Reboot Eclipse. ” At beginning of show actually says August 30th as date instead of April 30th hahahhaa buts its...

AIRED: 04-30-2022

unfortunately, this show did not record due to technical difficulties with the station, we will be back live next week, thanks for understanding and the support. i apologize the last few shows have been a little difficult connecting to station due to a bug thats being worked on, the last few shows before this one...

AIRED: 04-23-2022

Ra Castaldo delivers a great show, the first 5 minutes of show was technical difficulties, but after the 7:06 mark est everything gets sorted out and we have a great show of mindblowing info. Vedic Aryan Roots were born before the Flood,and re-emerged after the Flood as near/middle east cultures and peoples. Such people as...

AIRED: 04-09-2022

Intense show ! listen and have your mind blown! ...

AIRED: 04-02-2022

Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties with this show, it took us about 40 minutes to be able to just get computers online. So fast forward about 40 min or so of this recording, this show starts about 40 min or so into it. We still were able to get 1 hour and 15 minutes of...

AIRED: 03-19-2022