Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 26, 2013

Before It’s News

This story and video below just released by POTRBLOG is an eye opener. Next week, the Department of Health and Human Services is releasing a 453 page booklet requiring ALL of their Medicare and Medicaid providers to begin ‘doomsday prepping’. Does this have anything to do with this mystery illness outbreak in America? Have they knowingly weaponized H1N1 as suggested in the 2nd video below? Something stinks to high heaven with this new directive occurring as what may be a lethal bio-weapon created by the New World Order is released upon America. Is this why the elite are now bugging out?

The POTRBLOG team had hoped to shut down for Christmas but we knew that such media dead periods are when most vile government regulations are attempted (the Christmas vacation creation of the Federal Reserve as an example), so we had our eyes open.

The Government’s rationale for imposing these Doomsday prepping regulations on ALL Medicare and Medicaid providers is Eye Opening TOO: